Is Biggums Really Handicapped ?

Our crack photography staff set out to answer this question and found Biggums balling at the local high school.. Sadly when the photog set the shot Biggums drove the lane and jumped out of frame.. Who Knew a handi could slam dunk ? I'm afraid without a face in the picture I can't allow it to be used as evidence to make an informed decision on this matter so the mystery continues..


How Do Welfare People Cope With Inflation ?

Inflation is taking it's toll on everyone.. Rising prices have hit the fixed income welfare sector unusually hard.. A Baltimore women said recently in a telephone interview that shes been forced to give up buying personal hygiene items like razors and toilet paper and sent us this picture as proof of the devastating impact of being poor in America.. SHAMEFUL INDEED..


Toofless Bandit Strikes Again !

This time the Tootfless Bandito made off with 3 grand from a lonely widow woman he met in a chatroom.. The picture is evidence of the crime.. He converted the cash into three hundred thousand pennies and stuffed them up his shirt as clearly indicated by the large bulge hanging over his belt..