GuyLikesDark Exposed

One of my crack investigative staff pretended to be a 12 year old boy in a chatroom and Guy sent him this photo of himself relaxing at home .. SHOCKING !


The Funniest Chatroom Diss Of All Time

Allow me to set the stage.. There I was in a chatroom minding my own business as usual when suddenly I was Brutally attacked by the same retard who called my 79 year old dying mother on the phone and shrieked at her.. In a moment of sheer brilliance I tossed out this instant Zeeke classic designed to insult the fat toothless creature who is currently supporting his drunk worthless ass.. "FUCKING FAT ANGIE WOULD BE LIKE FUCKING A HEFTY BAG FULL OF ROTTEN CHICKEN" KAPOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...


Did you give up on Ask Zeeke ?

Golly no.. I wasn't feeling it so instead of offering my readers A substandard product I stepped away for a while.. I could have posted a buncha mindless drivel but I would hate to have Ask Zeeke end up a tired crappy boring rag like Ugly or Bonnies blogs so I left it alone.. The crystal ball see's more laughs ahead so dont worry lil Zeekeroos, I will continue to provide the same high quality nonsense you have grown to love since 2008..


Mazel Tov

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Perky and Alz as they enter into marital bliss and wish them a lifetime of happiness together.. My crack photography team was unable to bring back photos from the wedding itself but they were able to snap a pic of the trashcan Bonnie was hiding in trying to scoop the event for her blog..


It's A Conspiracy

Bonnie and Takoma have initiated a fool proof super secret plan designed to completely destroy Zeeke called "TURBO".. I'm giddy with excitement to see what brilliant plan those 2 braindead halfwitted retards masterminded.. The crystal ball says it will be a failure of epic proportion like every other plan those 2 hapless boneheads ever devised.. Seriously guys.. When you start naming plans you remind me of Wiley Coyote feverishly drawing on a chalkboard and sending away for the Acme Zeeke Destroyer kit and waiting for it to arrive in the mail.. The kit finally comes and the rocket skates explode or he get's crushed by a giant anvil falling from some silly looking contraption made of cardboard and string while the road runner says Beep Beep and runs away laughing..... BEEP BEEP MOTHERFUCKERS !


Old Fat Married Drunk Whore Inflatable Love Doll With Vibrating Mouth Action

I really don't have to add anything to make this funnier..


New Feature, A Book Of The Month Club

I've started a book of the month club and thought it was appropriate to get the ball rolling with a subject we all enjoy.. My first book of the month club features A book from the "For Dummies" series.. Nina Paul has written a Heptacular book which covers all aspects of living with the shame and guilt associated with contracting such a filthy and disgusting disease.. The chapter I found most interesting was the one that discussed brain fog and the rapidly deteriorating mental health of Hep C patients as cirrhosos eats away the liver (yes its there) and the resulting urge to lash out at the world.. Every dummy who has contracted Hep C should rush out and buy this book today.. I see a huge market in the Halethorpe/Landsdowne area which seems to be a hotbed for the disease especially among the homeless population around 5th Avenue.. HAVE A HEPPY DAY !


Last Week In Zeeke News

Today's top story.. Team Toothless is still reeling from the loss of the old gurlyfag from its ranks.. It's gonna be hard for them to replace someone who was that willing to totally incinerate themselves and self destruct over Zeeke hate in a few short months like the old gurlyfag did.. WOWZERS, I must say it will go down as one of the greatest flameouts in AOL history.. The flamer flamed out, Priceless.. In other top stories.. Nothing more was said about that poor innocent woman who was unlucky enough to get my old PO box so hopefully she's still alive.. I'm really not sure how the braintrust arrived at the conclusion my name was really Anita but I gave up trying to understand my crazed stalkers years ago however, It is pretty funny to imagine a carload of crazed glue sniffing halfwits riding on some poor innocent woman and showing up at her home prepared to exact revenge on Zeeke and being shot and killed for trespassing.. One thing they should keep in mind is that in rural Maryland, Houses likely contain more firearms than television sets so they might wanna just stick to harmless things blogging, google searching family members of people they don't like or creating fake names and divebombing chatrooms.. In other Zeeke news.. It was reported that I have Herpes, If I was going to pic an STD to have I would go with Herpes because it seems a lot less fatal than other STD's like lets say, HEP C.. A few canker flareups a year seem a lot less horrible than rotting from the inside out and dying a slow painful death from liver failure within a few years.. I was reading about Hep C and it was reported that Hep C eats holes in the brain like Syphillis causing the person to go insane.. We all see proof of that HEPPENING every day..(cough cough).. In other late breaking Zeeke news, After knowing my son personally for all 12 years of his life I just found out he was retarded..It must be true because I read it posted in a chatroom by one of my stalkers.. I guess I should call his baseball coach and have him pulled from the lineup then call the school and have him yanked from the school band and removed from the honor role and take away all his toys like 4 wheelers and minibikes, airsoft guns and his potato cannon.. I'll Take away all his archery equipment, swords and firearms and just turn him over to the State like the Toothless Trucker Blowhard Bob did to his kid and turn my back and walk away like it never happened.. I wonder if Fat Beckie or anyone of the dozen or so people from the room who have actually seen him in person noticed he was retarded when they met him ? I'll ask around and see what they think.. Anyway.. Let me wrap this up because I need to take my retarded son to Cal Ripkens baseball camp then go about my day and please remember.. ZEEKE HATE RUINS LIVES !


Latest News From The Front

Lets see.. Butter and Bonnie humiliated the old Gurlyfag and he got his panties in a wad and left AOL.. Team Toothless is in total chaos.. Someone named Anita is marked for death because she was unlucky enough to get my old PO box and Bonnie is still BATSHIT CRAZY.. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL !


Final Chapter, The Bolting Of Bonnie

ButterflyBeMe54: Good afternoon Bonnie
TheMarvelousToy1: hi Butter
Redheadedjezabel: Hellooooooooooooooooooooo Bonnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
TheMarvelousToy1: I closed my blog but, sent out invites to most of you
TheMarvelousToy1: hi red
TheMarvelousToy1: at least that i could remember the screen names
ButterflyBeMe54: My invite expires on 6/24 so Im good till then Bonnie
TheMarvelousToy1: and butter, I saw when you were in the room yesterday
ButterflyBeMe54: yeah I went in just to see
TheMarvelousToy1: and saw perky attacking you as well
ButterflyBeMe54: and I got attacked
ButterflyBeMe54: oh yeah and you noticed I didn't attack them back I just laughed at them
TheMarvelousToy1: soooooooooooo, I thought she felt left out so, I blogged her
ButterflyBeMe54: ahhhhhhh
ButterflyBeMe54: yeah Im a crippled bitch lol
ButterflyBeMe54: I should have called Ronnie a drunken sot but I was nice
TheMarvelousToy1: I didnt see that, must have been before i got here
ButterflyBeMe54: See so much for a "nice" ROOM
ButterflyBeMe54: changing their ways my ass
TheMarvelousToy1: yeah well according to what I read a few days ago on the widget, I think ronnie and afew others are starting to see how immature billy really is
ButterflyBeMe54: exactly
ButterflyBeMe54: well Ronnie isn't far behind him on being immature
ButterflyBeMe54: that's sad when you have to depend on alcohol to get you through the day you know???
RUFFSTUFFROB69: hiya bonnie
TheMarvelousToy1: you know, as hard as it is, I think we all should let them go and, just wach it all come crashing down around them
TheMarvelousToy1: hi Bob
ButterflyBeMe54: oh you're right about that believe me it is gonna crash
ButterflyBeMe54: that's why I didn't argue with them yesterday and I just laughed
TheMarvelousToy1: yeah but, its hard not to point and laugh
ButterflyBeMe54: cause it was silly
ButterflyBeMe54: I've lived for 55 years without them before and I can live without them now
RUFFSTUFFROB69: bonnie a friend told me that they are like that cause this is all the life they have and they don t want us in it
TheMarvelousToy1: I liked yesterday and got a really big laugh out of it
ButterflyBeMe54: exactly Rob
RUFFSTUFFROB69: having a aol life is it
ButterflyBeMe54: what happened Bonnie?
RUFFSTUFFROB69: thats all they have
ButterflyBeMe54: what did I miss I did a lot of running yesterday
TheMarvelousToy1: well bob, I already knew that
TheMarvelousToy1: but I had to really laugh last night
RUFFSTUFFROB69: bonnie i have a suprise soon
ButterflyBeMe54: yeah I can't wait for the surprise
Sylvar Firestorm left the room | 12:47
aintthebeercold entered the room | 12:47
TheMarvelousToy1: billy, he is most likely sleep deprived from this bolt bullshit, was talling shirley that he could pass her the bolt
aintthebeercold: hi deb
TheMarvelousToy1: anmd by bolting a few, would make her feel better
ButterflyBeMe54: hi Alan mmmuuuaaahhh
aintthebeercold: how are ya
TheMarvelousToy1: she told him it was too much trouble
ButterflyBeMe54: im doing great how about you???
RUFFSTUFFROB69: shirleys a fkn ;loser too
aintthebeercold: exhausted
aintthebeercold: but otherwise ok
ButterflyBeMe54: lolol now if that isn't sad Bonnie
TheMarvelousToy1: then she went on to tell him that, there were only 4 people in here
RUFFSTUFFROB69: she was crying how even her hubby disliked her
ButterflyBeMe54: well this is your weekend woohoo
aintthebeercold: yup
TheMarvelousToy1: and I was not in here and no one as talking
aintthebeercold: thank god
RUFFSTUFFROB69: i don t care
RUFFSTUFFROB69: i showed what i do
TheMarvelousToy1: so someone asked him, does it really matter?
TheMarvelousToy1: and billy says yes
ButterflyBeMe54: well you know they use to make fun of me saying if something hurt on me and look at all the damn stuff she saying in the room all the time about all of her aches and pains
TheMarvelousToy1: then she asked him, why
RUFFSTUFFROB69: and they can t have what i have
ButterflyBeMe54: well what I have is all mine and it is paid for
TheMarvelousToy1: and he says for 4 months they ahve been sitting in here making me out to be a devil
RUFFSTUFFROB69: once a loser always a loser
TheMarvelousToy1: hahahahahahaha
aintthebeercold: so true ruff
ButterflyBeMe54: see Bonnie Billy was gotten too lol
ButterflyBeMe54: lmao
ButterflyBeMe54: he is the devil
TheMarvelousToy1: he has the nerve to cry about that after sitting in that chat room for 8 years doing that same thing to me???
RUFFSTUFFROB69: and rose blogged the ice road trucker as my lover
aintthebeercold: who is the devil
ButterflyBeMe54: look at all the vile stuff he has said to people that he doesn't know
TheMarvelousToy1: he is getting what he gave
RUFFSTUFFROB69: just shows how stupid and desperate they are
ButterflyBeMe54: Billy is Alan
ButterflyBeMe54: exactly Bonnie and it dont go down so good to billy
TheMarvelousToy1: big wissuies ass cybaby
ButterflyBeMe54: well they were the ones that left the room to make another room
ButterflyBeMe54: so now they have their baby room back awww their iddy biddy woom awwww
ButterflyBeMe54: so let them have it who cares
RUFFSTUFFROB69: i ll be out with the celebs again in aug
TheMarvelousToy1: oh i couldnt care less about that
ButterflyBeMe54: there are always other chatrooms to go to and talk
TheMarvelousToy1 left the room | 12:51
ChristopherK2: Anyone else?
aintthebeercold: why did you bolt her
RUFFSTUFFROB69: can i get a scotch on the rocks
ChristopherK2: She had been warned... NO drama, means NO drama.
ButterflyBeMe54: a fuzzie navel would be nice
RUFFSTUFFROB69: whats drama
RUFFSTUFFROB69: hiya chris
aintthebeercold left the room | 12:52
ButterflyBeMe54: well that stopped the room
ButterflyBeMe54: hi Christopher

See.. The old gurlyfag agrees with everything I've been saying, Bonnie is toxic and must be removed for the good of the room.. Although.. It seems to me Butter was more guilty of causing drama than Bonnie and should have been removed as well..


Bonnie Classic Part Duex

I am finished with you bunch of low life losers, I am not leaving AOL but, I am done hanging around a bunch of infantile low grade narcissistic bullies. Redskybay made a statement the other day that made a lot of sense, in reference to my inability to let go of the hatred I feel toward Billy xxxxx and Beth xxxxxxx, Cynthia xxxxxx, Nancy xxxxxxxxxx and, the many others that have took part in this. She compared it to a tragic car wreck, that you know full well I have been through, most people that live through such a traumatic experience such as that, never get over it, what you all have done to me, is like me reliving that accident every damned day!.... Bonnie just keeps comedy train rolling !

An Instant Bonnie Classic

This is a direct quote from Bonnie Wilson about me having the bolt.. " I am not sure what there deal is and it really doesn't matter to me but, it seems as if they want to pick and choose who is a part of what they think is THEIR chat room! " Yes folks, She really posted that.. I could go into a 500 word rant pointing out the irony and the utter stupidity in that statement but instead I'm gonna allow Ask Zeeke readers to let that gem roll around the brain cavity without commentary and allow you to enjoy what is surely to be yet another instant Bonnie classic.. Priceless !


Another Great Victory !

I would like to thank all the "nice" people (chuckle,chuckle) who voted down the politics of division and intolerance and allowed OUR room to reach its maximum number of 36 chatters.. You had a choice and made a bold statement to the former room owners and hopefully the next boltholder will continue my simple formula for success.. Which is essentially doing nothing and allowing the room to police itself and keeping Bonnie out.. The day Boo got the bolt she had nothing but good intentions but somewhere along the way she started listening to morons with agenda's who led her to believe she could impose her will and reinvent a stable chatroom that had been thriving for over a decade.. I don't blame Boo, She got really bad advice from really stupid people who had her convinced she was doing the right thing.. By the time Beckie got the bolt the room was already a shell of it's former self and she pushed it deeper into the shitter until it became an angry bitter place with no personality or charm.. When you entered the room it felt like visiting that old creepy aunt who's house smelled like mothballs, You really didn't wanna be there but you kinda went anyway.. Beckie said numerous times that she was trying to destroy the room and the only reason she had the bolt was too piss people off.. Why on earth would anyone devote valuable life moments to a room dedicated to that philosophy ? I watched in disbelief as the room was destroyed and realized that someday I could get the bolt and restore the room to it's former glory.. I was expecting a long hard road to recovery but it turns out it only took 3 or 4 days.. After 4 months of hatespew and censorship people were hungry for decent chat that wasn't A sheeple orgy of Zeeke hate and stupidity.. I can only hope valuable lessons were learned from the mistakes Boo and Beckie made and that the the bolt in OUR room and the good folks in it will never be used and abused in that fashion ever again.. With all that being said I would like to add one final heartfelt thought to everyone who participated in destroying OUR room.. HAHAHAHAHAHAA YOU STUPID PATHETIC LOSERS.. GOOGLE THE WORD HUMILIATION AND SEE HOW IT APPLIES TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU TOXIC ASSHOLES THEN EAT SHIT AND DIE ! ZEEKE WINS AGAIN !


Let's Set The Record Straight

-----Original Message-----
From: ChristopherK2@aol.com
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 06:40:38 EDT
Subject: New room for "nice" Marylanders
To: ChristopherK2@aol.com

Last night, Beckie (Sylvar Firestorm) lost the bolt for the Marylanders Over 35 room, and PprmntPatti63 picked it up. Then early this morning, Patti turned it over to the SSR people.

Several long-time room regulars have already been banned from the Over 35 room, including me. So I started a new room...

Romance - Marylanders NO Drama

As indicated, I will keep the room as drama free as possible. If interested, please check it out...


Christopher..... Once again Frooty the limpwristed swami has it all wrong.. Patti didn't turn anything over to the SSR people.. Patti didn't want the drama and headaches associated with babysitting a buncha children so she closed the room and threw the bolt up for grabs, Anyone could have gotten it.. In fact, The old gurlyfag clicked in less than a second after I did so the implication that she "turned" the bolt over to anyone is utterly retarded but its expected because facts don't seem important in his sad little world anymore.. Patti had nothing but good intentions in giving up the bolt and for anyone to say otherwise is false.. Does the old gurlyfag believe anyone would be outraged because several long-time roomies were bolted after the death blow Beckie dealt that room ? Be serious old man.. Mikey, Hooters, Ronnie and a host of other long-time roomies were bolted out of that room and no one seemed outraged so why would anyone be outraged because YOU were ousted ? You honestly deserved to be gone after the ammount of drama and division you've injected into that room over the last 4 months so put on the big girl pants and deal with being bolted, YOU EARNED IT ! .. It's a new day and it's EVERYONE'S room again and not a platform for a select few socially crippled misfits to spew hate, shamelessly promote blogs and demonize anyone who doesn't follow in the belief that Zeeke is the devil incarnate..


Brandine Wilson's Out Of The Closet ( finally )

After years of hiding behind religion Brandine Wilson is finally out of the closet.. It ends years of speculation and coverups and allows him/her to live the lifestyle he was born to pursue.. The poor BASTARD had no chance in life as a man.. A psychotic mother and a very unstable section 8 upbringing with no father around was more than enough reason for him to decide living life as a woman would better suit his needs.. Years of seeing homeless men abuse his mothers mouth for Kools planted the seed in his mind that being a little cocksucker was his destiny.. Now that he's out of the closet he can quit his job as a custodian at his church because he doesnt have to sneak around and lick toilets searching for a stain that might be manly body fluid.. Sure he will still enjoy the gloryhole he operates at the gas station but now Braidine can approach it with a renewed vigor and exitement.. You Go forward in life brandine and be the best cocksucking little BASTARD you can possibly be ..


Zeeke Announces A New Blog

I'm creating a Trucker's blog.. It will be a paysite and contain tips on childcare, Cooking, helpful gardening advice and random pieces written by illiterate stooges.. I don't have a name yet but I promise it will be out by Memorial day 2010.. OK.. I lied.. That's the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard in my life.. Why on earth would truckers care about any of that shit ? A truckers life consists of hours of mind numbing boredom broken up by thinking they may have caught a glimpse of a boob while being passed by a female motorist at 80 MPH and chucking piss filled plastic bottles out of windows at highway speed.. Only a total dimwit like Toothless Bob would be stupid enough to imagine slimeball truckers would actually pay good money to read that senseless crap.. Sometimes the sheer magnitude of Bob's stupidity boggles the mind..


First Day of Research Uncovered The Horror's of Zeeke Hate Causing Severe Facial Deformity

The results of my super scientific study linking Zeeke hate and severe facial deformity are in and I am ready offer the following hypothesis.. Zeeke hate does indeed cause severe facial droop.. In Fact.. This subject has suffered severe facial droop on both sides of her face as well as jowl and neck bloating which suggests the disease may be even more destructive than earlier anticipated.. My heart goes out to those suffering from this horrible Zeeke related facial deformity and as a gesture of good faith I will offer free rolls of scotch tape so sufferers can tape that shit back up and partially restore the deformed facial features to A pre-Zeeke hate condition.. I'm sorry but the tape will only repair the droop, It wont fix chronic ugly or the mental retardation associated with the test subjects but it may stop small children from running away from them in shopping malls screaming.. "Mommy, I just SEEN a monster" and allow them to lead semi-normal lives as delusional internet buttdarts..


Health Risks Associated With Zeeke Hate

What do you see in those 2 pictures ? No.. I mean aside from 2 ugly old beatdown homosexual men.. Look at the left half of each face and compare it to the right.. Zeeke hate has caused both individuals severe left side facial droop.. It's been well documented that Zeeke Hate causes mental illness and retardation but it appears there may be physical consequences of it as well.. I suspect anger and hate manifested itself into a sudden rise in blood pressure causing severe eye twitching leading to a series of mini strokes and finally to left side facial paralysis.. The damage is so severe on the old gurlyfag's face that within a year his eye will be at the corner of his mouth and he wont be able to drink without getting his shirt wet from dribbling.. As A public service I will be contacting A medical research facility and have the disease studied and documented in the near future.. I will suggest the name "Zeekehateitis" and offer any assistance I can to study this funny yet severe self inflicted disease..


Ughhh... They Didn't Listen..

Blogging is a lot like entering the special olympics, Even if you win you are still a tard.. With that being said.. I dont understand why the other blogtards are making things so complicated to read a blog.. Redirection, Passwords, ISP trackers, Virus', special invitations.. God only knows what you will get when you click the links.. If I take 5 minutes of my day to post a few words the object is for people to read it and laugh without hassles or headaches and not frustrate readers because I need to feed my ego and know who was peeking.. No blog is worth the risk of damaging a computer yet they make it seem like its a real possibility.. I know for a fact the other blogs lost followers when it was discovered that ISP's were being tracked and they lost even more readers dicking people around with invitation's and passwords.. When I post on Ask Zeeke part of the humor is knowing the dumbasses I write about will read it and be offended.. If I made it selective it wouldn't reach nearly as many people so what's the point ? You may be asking yourself why I added a picture of Toothless Bob to this post and the answer is simple.. It's a hideous picture that I'm sure he doesnt want people to see and when Bob see's it he will swallow his false teeth and call everyone in his phone directory.. If I made Ask Zeeke private he wouldn't even know the picture was posted but since I welcome all readers without the fear of invading anyones privacy, getting a virus or wondering what hoops they have to jump thru today to view the blog.. I know he will see it and be pooping false teeth by noon..


Toothless Bob and Whore Maddy Hit The Beach ?

Personally I'm not buying this photo.. I think it's fake!.. However Fat Angie sunning herself in the background does add to the pictures authenticity and it is a fair representation of Bob and Maddy's relationship, So who knows ?


Another Funny Moment At Butter's Expense..

The only thing funnier than watching Butter sucking everyones ass trying to be part of the group is watching Butter sucking everyones ass trying to be part of the group and being attacked by Toothless Bob.. The room was grooving on Zeeke hate and suddenly Toothless Bob and ButterPig are going at it like a coupla tard kids fighting over the last loot bag at a Chuckee Cheese birthday party.. Beckie laughingly threatened to bolt Bob and ease the situation but everyone knows that wont happen and it just adds to the hilarity when Butter believes she matters enough for Beckie to bolt the fat toothless trucker.. Wake up Butter.. She wont bolt Bob because you are being insulted.. You have shown yourself to be an ass kissing shit for brains backstabbing fence jumping hypocrite who will turn on a dime.. Hey I know, The next time Bob attacks, Get really pissed off and tell everyone you are going to start a new room because you are tired of the BS and sit there alone until you realize no one gives a shit that you are offended and are forced to return and soak up the humiliation like a big fat crippled sponge.. Oh right, You've done that before.. By the way, How stupid did that make you feel ?


I Thought Everyone Knew ?

I read a discussion in the Super Secret Room about comments posted on Ask Zeeke.. Evidently there are a few geriatric nincompoops in the old room who don't understand that when you see 25 comments pop up they all came from yours truly.. I have stated this on many occasions and even wrote a feature about how I wouldn't allow many comments so I don't understand why the old gurlyfag and his butt buddy blog owner pal have turned it into a huge conspiracy theory or an attempt by me to defraud anyone.. Do they really repost my stuff with a play by play analysis searching for deep hidden meanings ? Thats seriously GAY ! Ok so.. We see a funny picture of Fat Angie posted, I will show you how I make the Zeeke comment magic happen..


SvaPam, She So Stumpy !

Here's another prime example of a time ravaged old woman imagining herself to be attractive and desireable.. She has sent this candid shot out to many late night peter rubbin' romeos hoping one will make the 5 hour drive and throw her some manmeat.. My best advice is for her to call the Discovery channel and get in touch with the "swamp loggers" crew.. They know how to deal with old smelly wet rotten stumps !


Poor Redskytard

As if being caught up in more "he said, she said" drama with MVM wasn't bad enough for the headless fatgurl she was forced to endure the torture of watching Beckie posting openly that I behaved as a perfect gentleman whenever she visited me at the river shack.. I can understand Redskytards personal anger over the situation that unfolded yesterday.. How dare someone who has actually met me and shared personal experiences ruin months of lies, rumors and innuendo by posting a few simple truths, IT'S AN OUTRAGE ! I've told you dumbasses that the demonization of Zeeke is a dangerous road that only leads to self destruction and misery.. I think this makes the score Zeeke five million, hapless retards zero..


How Do You Repair A Blow Up Love Doll ?

Last night as Takoma plugged in the airpump and was preparing for a night of hot sex with his girlfriend "Karen" he noticed that she wasn't holding air.. If anyone knows how to repair a cheap vinyl blow up love doll please pass that info along to him at Takoma9270@aol.com Thank You for helping..


Are you dating Cindy ?

I've had several friends who still use the old room email me and ask that question.. I have answered the emails because I have personal ties to them and are entitled to know if I'm dating anyone or not.. I will neither confirm nor deny these persistant rumors in a public forum simply because its not anyone's business and quite frankly I'm not sure why anyone would really care.. Oh right, Because ZEEKE is the center of the universe!..



Once again Takoma's pea sized brain left someone flappin in the wind.. "Takoma9270: I was looking at Chris's blog this morning, he really cracks me up".. Hepzilla and Redskytard made the same error refering to the "Hapless blog" last week.. I guess the old gurlyfag needs friends who are capable of keeping a secret..


Meanwhile Back In Reality..

This morning Sunnie and Padur were involved in a mind numbingly dull chat about people lacking class while at the same time MzTeach was discussing her thongs and asking Rixroost to come over and inseminate her.. The teacher spelled it INSEMENATE which just added to the humor of the whole situation.. Sunnie was 100% right and if she wasn't busy preaching the gospel she would have seen a great example of classless going on right under her nose.. That's a double TSK !

A Vintage Friday

The band Vintage will be playing at Perry's in Odenton Friday night.. Max's band "off the hook" will be playing in Crofton Saturday night.. Spineless bush hiding crazed stalkers please make necessary adjustments because I wont be at Remingtons Saturday night this week.. There I go hiding in plain sight again..


Because Zeeke Cares..

Since the old Maryland room has become a graveyard I've decided to unbolt a few of the less annoying retards and allow them back in my room.. The ejection list went from 83 to 77.. Were you one of the lucky ones ? If you didn't make the cut it's OK.. You have hours and hours of "I Hate Zombie" chat awaiting you in the old room.. Who knows you might get lucky and see Bonnie and the old gurlyfag discussing the pro's and con's of household bleach or the fine art of dishwashing.. Wouldn't that be thrilling ? Goodluck and I hope to see you soon.. Zeeke


Zombies Rule, Sheeple Drool

Zombies eat brains, Sheeple have nothing to fear..


Remember When ?

Remember when Team Toothless trotted out the bikini picture of Merry and pretended she was a hottie and later it was discovered she really looked like a big fat sloppy buddah ? GOOD TIMES !


Whats The Next Trend In Hats ?

I'm thinking totally retro.. Like 1790 retro.. A hat should make a statement about the person who wears it.. Like this one that Jonny "welfare" Rico is wearing.. That hat makes a bold statement.. He's telling the world.. " laugh at me, I'm a big fat douchebag "


Welcome Back

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Bernie back to Maryland Chat.. Since she's a regular again she will save herself the trouble of popping in the room once a month and informing us she hasnt been online in nearly 2 years and call EVERYONE a buncha losers for still being around.. Nice to see ya full time again LOSER.. Note: If you wish to welcome her back personally you will have to go into the other Maryland room because I bolted her drama infested two faced ass out of mine..


Team Toothless HQ Discovered !

I strapped a camera on Inky the trained rat and caught this image of Team Toothless World Headquarters.. At the time of the photo a high level staff meeting was in session and intelligence reports indicate special agent " BonniferK2 " was frustrated because the window treatments were clashing with the carpet..


Frooty The Limpwristed Swami

Frooty the limpwristed Swami.. I wasn't gonna give the old fag anymore attention, but someone sent this and I couldn't resist.. The turd turban is priceless and a fair representation of what happens when Zeeke hate becomes the defining moment in someones life.. The next time you see the geezin' old gurlyfag post "Swami" in 3rd person think of that picture and laugh along with the other 96% of folks who think he's a total buttdart..


A Rare White Hippo Sighting In North America

Our crack photographers spent months searching Walmarts across the great northwest for the rare white trash albino hippo and were rewarded with this spectacular sighting of not 1 but 2 of the great beasts.. The male is easily identified by his dollar store pullover Harley sweatshirt that he sports without actually owning a motorcycle complete with fanciful doorag, huge extended belly and sparse nappy chin hair while the female is identified by her Wilma Flintstone haircolor, wide fat face and multiple chins... Seriously guys.. Limit buffet line returns to under 10 and stop super sizing fast food meals, You are both massive coronaries waiting to happen and for heaven's sake GET SOME SUN.. I've seen morgue photos on Rotten dot com of dead people with more color..


What Makes Bonnie So Angry ?

Recent ultrasound images reveal the cause of Bonnie's anger.. That is one unhappy liver !


Nice Room ? HA !

Tonight I watched in disbelief as the fat toothless trucker stated he hoped one of our brave American Servicemen (Mikeys son) would come home in a bodybag.. Later that night when it was mentioned again, Fat Becki and Whore Maddy defended his words by saying.. "our kids were blogged as well".. I'm 100% sure Mikey doesn't have a blog and unrelated words somewhere in someones blog cannot become everyones excuse for everything.. Nothing excuses wishing an American Serviceman dead.. EVER !.. This is the second time I've seen it happen in that room and it didn't make it less repulsive or unamerican.. Hepzilla wished Mikey's son dead last year and got slammed for it.. HepZilla and Fatboy Bob should both be ashamed to stand on soil earned by the blood and courage of american soldiers after making such treasonous statements.. This all comes on the heels of a delusional movement proclaiming one room is nice, the other room is evil.. I'm sorry but if anyone posted such Anti-American propaganda in my room they would be dismissed instantly and never allowed back.. Commie Bastards !


I Couldnt Let This Comment Go..

cocksuckingfagjewbitch said...
Be sure to closely watch the Helpless blog starting NOW. You and the Zombies are going to be STARS. (chuckle, chuckle)
The geezing girlyfag posted that in the comments section of Ask Zeeke.. I don't read blogs.. And if YOU don't stop acting like Bonnie, YOU are going to end up naked rocking back n forth in a dark closet masturbating with a broken glass coke bottle while mumbling my name at a funny farm.. Go obsess over what color blue goes with a pink bathroom or what color draperies go with hideous orange tobacco stained teeth.. It's time for you face reality and deal with important life issues like who's penis the lovely Pamela had in her mouth tonight while you sat there alone in the fag palace signed into AOL obsessing over mindless chatroom bullshit with a handful of halfwitted Zeeke hating retards that I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire and who no one really gives 2 shits about anyway... Maybe today the WHORE Pamela "earned" an extra 25 cash for allowing a client to paint her tonsils with splooge again? Does she report her blowjob money to you so you can deduct it from her allowance? Those are the important hard hitting life questions you should be asking yourself and stop obsessing over people who at this point dont give a flying fiddlers fuck about you or anything you have to say.. You simply dont matter enough to justify the few words I have dedicated to you in Ask Zeeke but I do love seeing asshats like you prove that everything I ever posted about them was right on the money and I laugh when self important, smug jackasses who have for years insisted they were above such things get sucked into Zeekehate, self destruct then delude themselves into believing whatever newly gained popularity they think they have gained is due in any part to them and not part of a bigger picture involving a halfassed hate campaign launched against me by hapless nitwits I have pissed on in chatrooms for over a decade.. Zeeke hate makes me stronger as it weakens the people stupid enough to involve themselves in it.. Enjoy the new and exciting friends you have like Bonnie, Butter and Takoma because everyone you used to know and considered intellectual equals now think you are an obsessed douchbag.. DOINK !


Elect A President of The Zeeke Hate Club..

On Friday April 16th 2010 my 79 year old gravely ill mother recieved a harassing phonecall from A. Mckenzie 240-281-7029.. (Fat Angies racist, unemployed, useless jailbird boyfriend Randy made the call with her cell) Anyway.. It got me thinking it might be time for the Zeeke hate club to elect a president and share information so dumb incidents like this wont happen in the future.. If you tardo's elected a president and shared a common database of important Zeeke information like where my mother or the rest of my family lives or what color my most recent poop was, you wouldnt do stupid shit like calling my mothers house looking for me.. (I dont live there and haven't since I was 17) Instead you could send an email to the president of my fanclub and get a detailed "ZEEKE" report and go from there and not have to rely on incorrect information that ate up braindead moron's post in A chatroom as truth.. Hepzilla would be an obvious choice because she has 7.000 discs of Zeeke information (nearly all incorrect) but recent blog activity from the geezin' old Fag has shown him to be a contender for the top spot in the "I'm totally obsessed with Zeeke" club.. So.. goodluck and make me proud lil tarderoo's.. Seriously though.. If you are going to call and harass an innocent dying elderly woman because you are offended by the truth or too much of a spineless weenie to face me directly on my numerous jaunts out on weekends at least block the name and number from caller ID so you wont have to suffer the shame and humiliation when you read it posted on Ask Zeeke..


You Protesteth Too Mucheth

Here is a current list of people who have been bolted from the Super Secret Room.. Aintthebeercold, Amos Deerfield, ANGLE MISSY56 (I liked that one, They arent even smart enough to spell "angel"), bayvillenutcase, Bonniesback2, Bonnieisburnt2, Butterflybeme54, ChristopherK2, Chyandqt, Brendin8818, DundalkBrat, EnolaB29x, FUN W DUCKTAPE, GHBisZeekes, graceg19701, HAMANDBEANS9, Hollandmico, hrnyolman719x, Humpityhumps, Jnr60Johnson, KAG WAS HERE, Keithg1965c, KIRK CAPT, MANWITHBIGBOLT, marylandman here, millersvillebab4, MonicadoBrasil37, Niceneasy1015, Nightbreed28, nonamewanted2008, Padur1212, Pinkie11578, RedSkybay, RuffStuffRob69, Rooster2958, SarahDraws, Srjstr8pool, Svapam, Sweetchitty1, Takoma9270 Thomasnakeyman, Tiller814, Troy920, uglymarylanders, upgots4001, Whitelilly467 (clone), Whitelilly467 (clone) WidgetWatchrAnon, Xalan39o3x (clone).. The next time you see any of those names posting disrespectful things about the Super Secret Room you will understand where the anger comes from..


Go Go HepZilla !

HepZilla.. What a perfect name for the crazy old wretch.. I dont care who you are.. Thats some funny shit right there..


Post, Deny, Lie and everythings OK

ButterflyBeMe54: I had to get put down my 2 younger cats today I am very sad
SunniesBack2: awwwwww..
DaIIuver: Why Butter
ButterflyBeMe54: hubby's copd he ccouldn't breathe because of the cats...
Above are Butters exact words about her cats before she discovered people had issue with what she had done and totally changed her story.. I'm glad Sunnie and Dall were the ones involved in the initial discussion because of course both are super animal lovers who were disgusted that Butter put her cats down without investigating the possibility of adopting them out.. So obviously this wasnt a case of Zeeke twisting words it was a case of Butter trying to fix the horrible, selfish, hateful thing she had done by inventing a story people were comfortable with.. In Butters 3rd and current version of the story one of the cats had already been adopted out by a little girl who loved the cat dearly.. Happy ending ? Not for butters 2 dead cats.. MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWW


Well.. This Was pretty Funny..

The Hep C infected halfwit has made some truly insane statements over the years but her recent posts rank right up there among the top 2 million craziest things the insane dickwhore ever typed in a chatroom... First she stated she wanted me dead, That eventually expanded into "I want his ashes in an urn on my TV" and after her liver poison pump kicked in and threw her into a full blown Hep C viral meltdown she posted that she wanted to KILL ME AND SMOKE MY ASHES.. KILL ME AND SMOKE MY ASHES ? I'm not sure why she feels entitled to have my ashes.. Since its all spelled out clearly in my will how to dispose of them.. I guess if she felt like wading in the Atlantic ocean with a homemade cheesecloth net wildly stabbing the water one week after my death at sunset as they are spreading my cremains she could score a few bonghits of primo Zeeke ash.. Its highly unlikely my family and friends will deny my final wishes and place my ashes in a self storage locker and default on the unit like the toothless trucker did his father's cremains so whatever dreams the crazy bitch has for my ashes are best forgotten.. Stick to more obtainable fantasies like shaving your head and mailing me your hair.. Zeeke hate is a sickness !


Why Are 2 Year Olds Awake At 12:30 AM ?

I really have no answer for this one.. No reasonable answer exists..


Schween of the Month..

With nearly a full week left in March, Kirk Capt as been named Schween of the month.. It was a tight race.. The old fag woulda won for his stalkerish Beth obsession but he doesnt matter enough to be nominated, Bonnie could win every month but that would just seem like piling on.. Larry was in the running for the fake girlfriend shit and just being an all around total douchebag, But in order to get top honor the person needed to demonstrate an act of schweenery so offensive that it sets them apart from the crowd.. After Kirk was bolted from the Secret Room he cried to Rose begging her to talk to me and let him back in.. After that didn't work he flung himself at the mercy of the weenie crowd and begged for forgivness.. They felt sorry for him and dried his tears and few even insisted he call them "sis" to ease his pain and suffering... What a loser ! While not quite as pathetic as when Redskytard got caught sending nasty emails about people she claimed were friends and had a sudden change of heart because everyone rejected her, Kirks actions were just plain pathetic, loserly and shameless..So its earned him the title of Schween of the month for march 2010


Breaking News, Bonnie Admitted To Being A Whore

TangibleRose said...
WoW....Bonnie did you just admmit you had a threesome and got knocked up? Who's the skank here, you are worse than a skank. Imagine fucking without protection....two men, and get knocked up.....then have to get blood tests which cleared the one guy.........and the other one came off his high and ran out of state out of embarrassment........
Before you trash other roomies children, check your own self out and the mess you have created in that section 8 bldg that everyone else pays for.
I knew who my daughter's father was and I surely wasn't out there having threesomes, let alone with out protection and getting knocked up. See the difference there?
It is a big difference. At least I wasn't accusing one man of being the daddy and all the time knowing I was banging an ex and he could be too.......see the difference there?

March 24, 2010

Whats Up With The Swami Shit ?

I cant get inside the minds of elderly homosexuals so I have no clue whats going on with him/her.. Several people have voiced displeasure over the Swami's 3rd person act and are left like the rest of us just shaking our heads.. For years the old fag popped in, posted a few lines and left in a huff because no one payed him much attention.. This all changed when he felt threatened by a friendship and didnt have the social skills or confidence in himself or the friend to cope with it and turned into a hurt little bitchboy.. Then he turned to his intellectual equal, Bonnie.. He saw bonnie getting attention by lashing out at windmills and decided he had enough of being a nobody so he created the Swami persona and adopted Bonnies all or nothing ruin zeeke at any cost strategy.. What baffles me most is why after seeing how years of Zeeke hate have left Bonnie shattered, ruined and friendless he would attempt to use her tactics, They simply dont work.. By entering into Zeekes chatroom mindfuck game you have already lost.. The harder people fight the stronger Zeeke gets and the weaker they become.. I kinda feel sorry for the old dude for losing most of his online friends in such a short ammount of time but as in Bonnies case its all self inflicted and no pity is given.. He does have GREAT new friends like Takoma, Toothless Bob and the headless fatgurl Redskytard and I'm sure they keep his old feeble mind stimulated enough to get him through the hard lonely times hes facing but honestly he has to be hurting inside pretty bad.. My best advice to Swami is reflect on the WRONGS you have done to people, Change course and beg forgivness because demonizing Zeeke is like pissing with the toilet lid down, You just end up splattered and feeling foolish.. Oh right.. Swami squats when he pees so nevermind he wont get it..


No 2:15 AM pancakes at Honey Bees ?

Saturday night out with Kip was a good time.. Drank some beers, played some pool and here's a suprise, The band Vintage didnt totally suck, I didnt leave Lil Bills (Fireside) feeling my ears had been violated by alien soundwaves designed to destroy human ear drums.. I guess the struggles of the lead singer has given the band new insight and focus but for whatever reason they sounded good.. So the next time Kip sends out an invitation to see them play by all means GO!.. I'm feeling extra "Idontgiveafuckish" So I posted a really awful grainy cell phone picture of myself with Kip for the retards to photoshop or whatever the bejesus they are doing with my image these days.. They have to be tired of photoshopping the same picture over and over so I'll throw the tards a bone.. Zeeke hate is making you fuckers crazy but keep up the good work, It keeps me laughing..


So, Anyway..

I would like to thank everyone for making the Super Secret Room an overwhelming success.. I wish I could take all the credit for its popularity but that would be greatly overstating my importance.. I've never been foolish enough to delude myself into thinking the secret room was about Zeeke, I've always thought the success of the secret room was a vote against the way the old room was being held hostage and the double standards and favoritism that existed..(of course it helps OUR cause that the people left in the old room are geezers, weenies, whiners, halfwits and pathetic losers) So let them have The Bonnies, The Takomas, The Dicksniffers, The Elderly, The Zeeke Haters, Team Toothless, The Bots and The Trolls and laugh because we have created a better place to totally waste our time and make fun of dumbasses..


Why Is The Dickwhore Yapping About Roofies ?

I'm really not sure why the dickwhore brought this whole mess up again.. I thought the issue was resolved and everyone knew Larry did it.. Since it's a pretty serious matter and because I'm all about the truth.. Here are the facts as the people who were present know them to be.. Everyone involved discussed this matter at great length and it's known that Larry handed all 3 women drinks he had gotten from the bar and walked thru a dark hallway into the outside area( All other drinks were presented by a bartender or waitress so Larry had the only opportunity ).. The 3 drugging incidents only occured when Larry was present (It hasnt happened since Larry stopped showing up after I told him I was gonna punch him in the face for lying about bartabs) and all 3 women who were drugged indicated openly in the room they felt Larry had drugged them, I think the fact that all 3 women were willing to put themselves on record openly in the chatroom and say they are convinced Larry drugged them is a critical part of the story.. I'm not sure why my name is being mentioned as a suspect because none of the 3 women who were drugged ever thought I had anything to do with it..If you feel like finding out the truth maybe you should ask the people who were present or talk to the women involved instead of believing something a Hep C infected halfwit hellbent on revenge posts in a chatroom..


11th grade education ?

I will explain this for the 45,000th time, Not so much to defend myself but more as an example of how ZEEKE HATE creates selective comprehension disorder.. Ehhh.. Fuck them.. Its not like they are worth an explanation..


Random Retarded Rejected Ask Zeeke Comments

I can picture the Hep C infected dickwhore sitting there alone in the dark wearing a tinfoil cap, chainsmoking Kools and crying her eyes out.. Sunnie was right on target when she stated that Bonnie was a "deeply disturbed" woman..
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This is Bonnie and, I say Rose, you and Billy must... This is Bonnie and, I say Rose, you and Billy must have the same prblem, you cant see what you do yourselves, only what others do which, is the same thing you both do!

Rose says: "How can someone who did a friend wrong try and turn it around and five years later they are still obsessed with that ex friend who hasn't given them a second thought?" I am wondering, what is it you exactly see when you type in that chatroom?.. Can you not read your own writing? I mean no matter who comes in there, you are accusing them of being one of the haters from the cops room or, becki or, angie or, whoever.......You yourself is the one who is obsessed with everyone that does not like you which, includes me!!

Now for Billy........First off, you are dillusional about my 27 blogs and, as far as the creators of the "hate" blogs, I wonder if your twin, Rose has read that you listed her blog first among the hate blogs??? That would mean that you disagree with her creating said blog, right?

Moving on..Hatefulness........this is something you have done for years and years in a chatroom. As I remember you saying, you do it to piss people off, you think it is funny to piss people off. I too assume that you love hurting them too. That was proven when your 2 domestic violence charges were made public. Even without the domestic violence charge, it was clear that I was the object of your hate and that you enjoyed hurting me.

So I did what I could and I hunted your ass down, that is why all of your business, that i could find is out there now. At first, I thought it would make you stop or, possibly run but, it only made you worse. But I am not sorry that I posted any of it and, would do it again if I needed to. You know why?...Cause you are just a little gnat on my computer screen and that is all you ever wil be to me! You words however, are another matter.

Now, as for this letter, lol. I seem to remember that one of your followers who has 2 lips, one planted on your ass and the other planted on Roses, sent a similar letter to most of the Rose haters back a year or, so ago. and writing a letter to the haters from herself saying that she was backing out of the drama because, she was being stuck in the middle and it was effecting her health in a negative way and, not 10 minutes after she wrote that letter, she was right back in a chatroom running off with her mouth and starting the drama!

Well right now the way it is, is the way I hope it will stay for a long while because, it is so great to get in there and chat without the fear of being ridiclued and/or, badgered by someone who I hate so much and billy, I honestly truely without a doubt hate you!

You all deserve one another and this is the way it should be......all my haters in one room and, those who like or, can tolerate me, in the marylanders room.......
Publish Reject (Anonymous) 3/3/10


Why Do Younger Women Date Old Men ?

Lonely old men are easy targets.. The woman can lie, cheat, steal, stand him up every weekend and the old fool still believes she gives a fuck.. Its not really a relationship, Its a one sided affair and the old guy deludes himself into believing shes only interested in him and "pops" eagerly keeps the money train rolling.. She will throw some pussy on him twice a year and call once in a while to keep the scam going but eventually old geezers in this position will be forced to change bank account passcodes and find themselves sitting home alone wondering if she's out sucking a clients dick or being the pivot girl in a mexican circle jerk..


The Current State Of Blogs

Back in 2008 when Ask Zeeke was created the blog scene was played out.. Sillys blog became a dreadful platform of hate, Team Toothless had numerous blogs which never made any sense, Bonnie had 27 blogs that no one was reading.. I got disgusted and stopped reading blogs when they stopped being funny and became pathetic voyeristic snapshots of peoples lives.. I created Ask Zeeke as the anti blog to make fun of the whole situation.. So, We advance to 2010 and little has changed.. Blogs are still played out platforms of hate and nasty.. Its become the norm when a person feels victimized or abused to dig up a buncha personal information and head for the nearest blog and attempt to ruin them.. Sorry but it doesnt work, I dont think anyone has been mentioned in hate blogs more than I have and my life hasnt changed as a result of anything ever written in a blog so whats the point ? My best advice to bloggers is to check the content of what you are posting and ask yourself if its really worth reading or just psychotic hate filled slander ? .. Stick with the name you trust to provide a humorous look at the socially inept halfwits around us.. And remember. Zeeke always has the answer..


What does Takoma do for a living ?

Well.. he lied about being a jailguard to cover for his real job.. A post he made online reveals the truth.. read it slowly........................... TheTakomaEffect: as you know..Auto we like our old cars..lol
Automotive1: amen
TheTakomaEffect: and since I'm a fleet enema manager at work I have access to tools like rubber gloves
Acx007: lol


Another Shocking News Story Revealed..

Our photographers snapped a picture of a former Maryland man who is believed to be 8 months pregnant.. The second male pregnancy in history.. When asked about his BUNGLE of joy he simply stated "I loves youz guys and if this story gets out LIFES will be DESTROYT".. we wish the expectant father and baby joy and happiness..


Bonnie reaches a new high in STUPID !

Anonymous said...
For a man that is supposed to work and have a life, you sure do seem to have an awful lot of time to sit on line and harass and insult others, create blogs and websites to further harass these members! I saw someone make the remark to Bonnie last night that, you were supposed to work with people like her everyday.........WHEN? You are always here on line in a chatroom creating more problems for people. Is it that you are trying to drum up business?

Well, whatever your problem is, I have advised Bonnie that she must be a very special person to have so many people obsessed, intimidated and jealous of her.

She sat in my office as we went over the logs that she presented to me and, she laughed and cried tears about all of it. Then we spoke about the threats that were made to her and, the ones she just made to you and, how you must have felt the way she did when she made that threat. She really got a kick out of that.

You really need to rethink your position in this because, there is nothing to be gained or, lost. So, my advice to you is, to grow up and find some other kind of entertainment for yourself


Thomas J. Mueller, Esq.
my only reply is.. What a retard !


Breaking News - Nintendo changes " LUIGI " character

Nintendo announced last week that it was seeking a new look for Mario's favorite buttbuddy LUIGI.. After an exhaustive search the board members are expected to announce A new look Luigi in spring 2010.. Ask Zeeke readers get an exclusive first look at Nintendos decision months in advance of the general media..


Dont Worry.. Zeeke Is Alive And Well..

I used zeekes superior brain to thwart the Hep C infected dickwhores murderous plot.. I posted that Remingtons has a 3 dollar cover charge.. I knew that broke bitch couldnt scrape up the 3 dollars to get in the bar so it removed the threat entirely.. BRILLIANT !


Should online death threats be taken seriously ?

UrObsessionisMe: I want you gone from aol and if the only way to do that is to kill you..... Those words were taken directly from an AOL chatroom and the story gets darker.. She said shes learned to shoot a gun and actually was stupid enough to post a time and a place where my murder will occur ( this saturday at remingtons ) On the surface her words seem pretty ominous but when we look closer we discover that its just the insane rantings of a Hep C infected dickwhore who feels she has been victimized and abused in a chatroom.. And after seeing her picture all I'm left with is wondering.. Why is she worried about killing me when her upper lip needs shaved so badly ?


More Takoma Rantings

GodLvsTakoma: they are a bunch of idiots
chyspenisnose: I know, right? Where's the biggest idiot- Takoma? Isn't he king of the Tards?
GodLvsTakoma is online.
GodLvsTakoma: Perky was meeting a new guy the other day and he stood her up
chyspenisnose: and?
GodLvsTakoma: Takoma is the smartest one in the room
chyspenisnose: LOL Like hell he is
chyspenisnose: that was funny though
GodLvsTakoma: Zeek is the real idiot
chyspenisnose: I disagree
chyspenisnose: I think it's Takoma
GodLvsTakoma: oh your another zeek wannabe..loltooofunnyy
chyspenisnose: I don't know Zeeke
chyspenisnose: but I know Takoma is a retard
GodLvsTakoma: yes you do
chyspenisnose: No I don't
chyspenisnose: i don't really know anyone in here
GodLvsTakoma: takoma got everyones number even yours..lol
chyspenisnose: I've seen Takoma chat. He sounds like an angry spitting special olympics loser
chyspenisnose: I'm pretty sure he shoves waffles in his ass
GodLvsTakoma: lol..naaa he has a good job and a wonderful life..he hates loser
chyspenisnose: If he hates losers then why does he hang in the chat?
GodLvsTakoma: naaa I'm sure you are a zeek wannabe
chyspenisnose: I'm pretty sure youre obsessed with this Zeeke fella
chyspenisnose: Did he not wipe your ass when he was done?
GodLvsTakoma: he doesn't hang in that chat..and why are you in the chat
chyspenisnose: I'm here for the bagels
GodLvsTakoma: lo..good one..is that all you got..azzwipe
chyspenisnose: I got plenty!
GodLvsTakoma: join the rest of them and leave them alone..azzwipe
chyspenisnose: Did you im me to talk about Zeek?
chyspenisnose: join them then leave them alone? that doesnt make sense
chyspenisnose: are you schizo?
GodLvsTakoma: lol...good luck azzwipe
GodLvsTakoma is offline and may receive your IMs when signing back in.