Post, Deny, Lie and everythings OK

ButterflyBeMe54: I had to get put down my 2 younger cats today I am very sad
SunniesBack2: awwwwww..
DaIIuver: Why Butter
ButterflyBeMe54: hubby's copd he ccouldn't breathe because of the cats...
Above are Butters exact words about her cats before she discovered people had issue with what she had done and totally changed her story.. I'm glad Sunnie and Dall were the ones involved in the initial discussion because of course both are super animal lovers who were disgusted that Butter put her cats down without investigating the possibility of adopting them out.. So obviously this wasnt a case of Zeeke twisting words it was a case of Butter trying to fix the horrible, selfish, hateful thing she had done by inventing a story people were comfortable with.. In Butters 3rd and current version of the story one of the cats had already been adopted out by a little girl who loved the cat dearly.. Happy ending ? Not for butters 2 dead cats.. MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWW