Another Chapter In The " He Did What ? " Series

Special agent K2 is watching and reporting !


Old Skoo Blogging

Our crack staff dug thru the archives and found this photo of Faggy creating his very first blog post..


Ohhhhh Nooooo He Lost The Room Again

Our crack staff picked up intel that Faggy is on a hunger strike until he gets the room back.. He sent out this picture during hour 3 of his protest..


She Isn't Dead.. Well Kinda.. But..

OnlineHost: BonniesbackUazz has entered the room.


Mystery Woman Revealed

It's Nicole " snooki " Polizzi.. WUTEVAAAAAAAAA..


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Shameful !

Steady ladies.. He only likes men..


Ohhhhhhhh Thats Why..

Our crack research department figured out why chatrooms die when Faggy has the bolt.. Several years ago a deranged individual posted a heartfelt and emotional Youtube clip and it was taken out of context.. People werent supposed to abandon his room, They were supposed to stop making fun of him.. Silly Aolers ! I hope this sets the record straight..


Take Up Knitting

Ask Zeeke readers picked this activity to help Ole Faggy pass the time and give his life a little meaning.. He could knit "I Hate Zeeke" items and sell them to support his 200 dollar a day metamucil habit..


Time To Retire

Sure Faggy's self destruction was entertaining but at this point it's just getting painful to watch.. I wish one of his friends would suggest to him that he has outlived his usefulness and just needs to go away.. Oh right.. He doesnt have any friends left.. DOINK !


OOPS.. Zeeke Made A Rare Mistake

Ask Zeeke readers were quick to point out that Faggy would be the BITCH.. I'm humbly correcting the mistake and apologize for failing to see the obvious.. I hope this sets the world right again..


Wedding Bells ?

Under new legislation debated by the general assembly could this be Marylands first gay married couple ?


Breaking News.. Faggy has a reason to live..

After 70 years i'm sure it had to be stale in that closet.. Now he's free !


MMA Over 80 Division Crowns A New Champion

Christopher "raging panties" Kuhn was crowned MMA over 80 champion after his opponent fell over dead from an apparent heart attack..



He ROONT himself..


Nutcracker Coming To Town

Noooo.. Not the famous ballet.. This senile old Nutcracker...





My Friend Paco..

Last week my dear friend Paco the Mexican Drywaller sent me a picture of his new girlfriend Pamela.. She was working as the bukkake girl at a Latino gangbang.. After he paid her 10 dollars and dumped a load in her hair they struck up a conversation and Paco was smitten.. Things only got better for Paco when later that evening she removed her panties and it reminded him of the fish market he worked in back home in Old Mexico City.. The staff here at Ask Zeeke wishes the happy couple well and will keep its readers updated as this relationship moves into the future.. GOOD LUCK PACO !


Magic 8 Ball Prediction For 2012

Last year the Magic 8 ball correctly predicted the fall of Team Toothless.. This year I asked the Magic 8 ball about the future of Marylanders Over 35 chat with Ole Faggy as the boltholder.. I flipped the ball and the answer was.. "Christophers warm, uplifting personality and charm will win crowds back" Obviously it was broken so I went on EBAY and purchased another one new in the box for $8.99.. I asked the question again and the 8 ball's answer was "IT'S DOOMED, DOOMEDDDDDDDDDD"... The Ball has spoken..


Happy New Year 2012

Angry had a bit too much celebrating last evening and is unavailable to DE-LIVER Ask Zeeke's New Year message of goodwill and cheer so I google searched images and FOUNT this gem from 1901 and thought it captured the spirit of the day.. I wondered whatever happened to the baby in the picture so I looked into Zeeke's magic 8 ball and saw some pretty disturbing images of a gurlyman on his knees and A dozen naked men standing in a line.. Then the ball went dark.. I suspect it was some sort of religious ritual because the gurlyman was on his knees in prayer position and A naked man was chanting OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD.. Anyway.. The staff here at Ask Zeeke would like to say it's been an honor to waste several minutes of your 2011 reading silly paragraphs that poke fun at the less fortunate members of society.. Ask Zeeke promises BIG and INTERESTING things in 2012 and will continue to provide its vast worldwide readership the same high quality nonsense YOU have come to expect from A true giant in the blog industry.. HAPPY NEW YEAR MOSTLY EVERYONE !