False Advertisement

It should say.. Year Around Douche..


Always Remember...



Cornhole Records Artist Of The Week..

Cornhole Records sent out advanced copies of this ASSPIRING new bands self titled album including these singles....
# Zeeke ROONT my life
# Zeeke Zeeke Zeeke Zeeke Zeeke
# I dream of Ronnies penis
# My fiance blows everyone but me blues
# Blogs are my life
# I dont like Bonnie but she's my only friend
# Delusional old gurlyfag
# Ugly's bitchboy
# Why doesnt anyone like me anymore ?
# My poopchute was ruptured in a gas station restroom
# I'm all alone but my dildo loves me
# She loves me so she cleaned out my bank account
# Cranky old douchebag
You can download Limpwrists other album..
" Faggy's Self Destruction " on Itunes..


Shameless Power Grab..

Bonnie and Pam have pointed out Faggys chat room control issues numerous times in the past and now it appears Faggy wants control of Uglys blog..
Will Ugly be France and surrender the password or will Ugly fight and keep the blog sovereign ?
Stay tuned for the answer..


Beware of Blogsucking Parasites...

Summertime is here and we should be careful of disease carrying parasites..
If they attempt to attatch themselves to your blog the only effective way to get rid of them is to use blogspots SPAM reporting feature and let blogspot do the rest..
This method is 100% effective against both known species of blog parasites shown above..


Tick Tick Tick

The Angry Liver is stalking his next victim..



Epic Backfire

Due to his recent poor behavior..
Faggy is now identified as a spammer by Blogspot..


Another Swampbeast Sighting..

Unlike Daphney my dog has to live with being a hideous beast-like creature 365 days a year..


The Angry Liver saysssss....

Heppy July 4th everyone.. (except tards of course )


Shocking Pet Photo..

Our crack staff recently uncovered a photo of Ugly's pet chimp..


Exciting News..

Ask Zeeke is expanding into new territory..
Starting today Ask Zeeke is launching a new venture into the world of Shutterfly.. Shutterfly allows users to create fun interactive websites which will open up a new vein of the same tired old crap you are sick of reading on blogspot.. One of the best features about shutterfly is only people you select are allowed to view it's content or contribute to its pages so if you would like to be on the cutting edge of beat to death psycho drama ask me for the link and I will set you up with the passwords.. TARDS NEED NOT APPLY !
Ask Zeeke will still be here providing it's readers with the same high quality nonsense and stupidity that you have come to expect from a true giant of the internet world..