Another Shocking News Story Revealed..

Our photographers snapped a picture of a former Maryland man who is believed to be 8 months pregnant.. The second male pregnancy in history.. When asked about his BUNGLE of joy he simply stated "I loves youz guys and if this story gets out LIFES will be DESTROYT".. we wish the expectant father and baby joy and happiness..


Bonnie reaches a new high in STUPID !

Anonymous said...
For a man that is supposed to work and have a life, you sure do seem to have an awful lot of time to sit on line and harass and insult others, create blogs and websites to further harass these members! I saw someone make the remark to Bonnie last night that, you were supposed to work with people like her everyday.........WHEN? You are always here on line in a chatroom creating more problems for people. Is it that you are trying to drum up business?

Well, whatever your problem is, I have advised Bonnie that she must be a very special person to have so many people obsessed, intimidated and jealous of her.

She sat in my office as we went over the logs that she presented to me and, she laughed and cried tears about all of it. Then we spoke about the threats that were made to her and, the ones she just made to you and, how you must have felt the way she did when she made that threat. She really got a kick out of that.

You really need to rethink your position in this because, there is nothing to be gained or, lost. So, my advice to you is, to grow up and find some other kind of entertainment for yourself


Thomas J. Mueller, Esq.
my only reply is.. What a retard !


Breaking News - Nintendo changes " LUIGI " character

Nintendo announced last week that it was seeking a new look for Mario's favorite buttbuddy LUIGI.. After an exhaustive search the board members are expected to announce A new look Luigi in spring 2010.. Ask Zeeke readers get an exclusive first look at Nintendos decision months in advance of the general media..


Dont Worry.. Zeeke Is Alive And Well..

I used zeekes superior brain to thwart the Hep C infected dickwhores murderous plot.. I posted that Remingtons has a 3 dollar cover charge.. I knew that broke bitch couldnt scrape up the 3 dollars to get in the bar so it removed the threat entirely.. BRILLIANT !


Should online death threats be taken seriously ?

UrObsessionisMe: I want you gone from aol and if the only way to do that is to kill you..... Those words were taken directly from an AOL chatroom and the story gets darker.. She said shes learned to shoot a gun and actually was stupid enough to post a time and a place where my murder will occur ( this saturday at remingtons ) On the surface her words seem pretty ominous but when we look closer we discover that its just the insane rantings of a Hep C infected dickwhore who feels she has been victimized and abused in a chatroom.. And after seeing her picture all I'm left with is wondering.. Why is she worried about killing me when her upper lip needs shaved so badly ?


More Takoma Rantings

GodLvsTakoma: they are a bunch of idiots
chyspenisnose: I know, right? Where's the biggest idiot- Takoma? Isn't he king of the Tards?
GodLvsTakoma is online.
GodLvsTakoma: Perky was meeting a new guy the other day and he stood her up
chyspenisnose: and?
GodLvsTakoma: Takoma is the smartest one in the room
chyspenisnose: LOL Like hell he is
chyspenisnose: that was funny though
GodLvsTakoma: Zeek is the real idiot
chyspenisnose: I disagree
chyspenisnose: I think it's Takoma
GodLvsTakoma: oh your another zeek wannabe..loltooofunnyy
chyspenisnose: I don't know Zeeke
chyspenisnose: but I know Takoma is a retard
GodLvsTakoma: yes you do
chyspenisnose: No I don't
chyspenisnose: i don't really know anyone in here
GodLvsTakoma: takoma got everyones number even yours..lol
chyspenisnose: I've seen Takoma chat. He sounds like an angry spitting special olympics loser
chyspenisnose: I'm pretty sure he shoves waffles in his ass
GodLvsTakoma: lol..naaa he has a good job and a wonderful life..he hates loser
chyspenisnose: If he hates losers then why does he hang in the chat?
GodLvsTakoma: naaa I'm sure you are a zeek wannabe
chyspenisnose: I'm pretty sure youre obsessed with this Zeeke fella
chyspenisnose: Did he not wipe your ass when he was done?
GodLvsTakoma: he doesn't hang in that chat..and why are you in the chat
chyspenisnose: I'm here for the bagels
GodLvsTakoma: lo..good one..is that all you got..azzwipe
chyspenisnose: I got plenty!
GodLvsTakoma: join the rest of them and leave them alone..azzwipe
chyspenisnose: Did you im me to talk about Zeek?
chyspenisnose: join them then leave them alone? that doesnt make sense
chyspenisnose: are you schizo?
GodLvsTakoma: lol...good luck azzwipe
GodLvsTakoma is offline and may receive your IMs when signing back in.