Well.. This Was pretty Funny..

The Hep C infected halfwit has made some truly insane statements over the years but her recent posts rank right up there among the top 2 million craziest things the insane dickwhore ever typed in a chatroom... First she stated she wanted me dead, That eventually expanded into "I want his ashes in an urn on my TV" and after her liver poison pump kicked in and threw her into a full blown Hep C viral meltdown she posted that she wanted to KILL ME AND SMOKE MY ASHES.. KILL ME AND SMOKE MY ASHES ? I'm not sure why she feels entitled to have my ashes.. Since its all spelled out clearly in my will how to dispose of them.. I guess if she felt like wading in the Atlantic ocean with a homemade cheesecloth net wildly stabbing the water one week after my death at sunset as they are spreading my cremains she could score a few bonghits of primo Zeeke ash.. Its highly unlikely my family and friends will deny my final wishes and place my ashes in a self storage locker and default on the unit like the toothless trucker did his father's cremains so whatever dreams the crazy bitch has for my ashes are best forgotten.. Stick to more obtainable fantasies like shaving your head and mailing me your hair.. Zeeke hate is a sickness !


Why Are 2 Year Olds Awake At 12:30 AM ?

I really have no answer for this one.. No reasonable answer exists..


Schween of the Month..

With nearly a full week left in March, Kirk Capt as been named Schween of the month.. It was a tight race.. The old fag woulda won for his stalkerish Beth obsession but he doesnt matter enough to be nominated, Bonnie could win every month but that would just seem like piling on.. Larry was in the running for the fake girlfriend shit and just being an all around total douchebag, But in order to get top honor the person needed to demonstrate an act of schweenery so offensive that it sets them apart from the crowd.. After Kirk was bolted from the Secret Room he cried to Rose begging her to talk to me and let him back in.. After that didn't work he flung himself at the mercy of the weenie crowd and begged for forgivness.. They felt sorry for him and dried his tears and few even insisted he call them "sis" to ease his pain and suffering... What a loser ! While not quite as pathetic as when Redskytard got caught sending nasty emails about people she claimed were friends and had a sudden change of heart because everyone rejected her, Kirks actions were just plain pathetic, loserly and shameless..So its earned him the title of Schween of the month for march 2010


Breaking News, Bonnie Admitted To Being A Whore

TangibleRose said...
WoW....Bonnie did you just admmit you had a threesome and got knocked up? Who's the skank here, you are worse than a skank. Imagine fucking without protection....two men, and get knocked up.....then have to get blood tests which cleared the one guy.........and the other one came off his high and ran out of state out of embarrassment........
Before you trash other roomies children, check your own self out and the mess you have created in that section 8 bldg that everyone else pays for.
I knew who my daughter's father was and I surely wasn't out there having threesomes, let alone with out protection and getting knocked up. See the difference there?
It is a big difference. At least I wasn't accusing one man of being the daddy and all the time knowing I was banging an ex and he could be too.......see the difference there?

March 24, 2010

Whats Up With The Swami Shit ?

I cant get inside the minds of elderly homosexuals so I have no clue whats going on with him/her.. Several people have voiced displeasure over the Swami's 3rd person act and are left like the rest of us just shaking our heads.. For years the old fag popped in, posted a few lines and left in a huff because no one payed him much attention.. This all changed when he felt threatened by a friendship and didnt have the social skills or confidence in himself or the friend to cope with it and turned into a hurt little bitchboy.. Then he turned to his intellectual equal, Bonnie.. He saw bonnie getting attention by lashing out at windmills and decided he had enough of being a nobody so he created the Swami persona and adopted Bonnies all or nothing ruin zeeke at any cost strategy.. What baffles me most is why after seeing how years of Zeeke hate have left Bonnie shattered, ruined and friendless he would attempt to use her tactics, They simply dont work.. By entering into Zeekes chatroom mindfuck game you have already lost.. The harder people fight the stronger Zeeke gets and the weaker they become.. I kinda feel sorry for the old dude for losing most of his online friends in such a short ammount of time but as in Bonnies case its all self inflicted and no pity is given.. He does have GREAT new friends like Takoma, Toothless Bob and the headless fatgurl Redskytard and I'm sure they keep his old feeble mind stimulated enough to get him through the hard lonely times hes facing but honestly he has to be hurting inside pretty bad.. My best advice to Swami is reflect on the WRONGS you have done to people, Change course and beg forgivness because demonizing Zeeke is like pissing with the toilet lid down, You just end up splattered and feeling foolish.. Oh right.. Swami squats when he pees so nevermind he wont get it..


No 2:15 AM pancakes at Honey Bees ?

Saturday night out with Kip was a good time.. Drank some beers, played some pool and here's a suprise, The band Vintage didnt totally suck, I didnt leave Lil Bills (Fireside) feeling my ears had been violated by alien soundwaves designed to destroy human ear drums.. I guess the struggles of the lead singer has given the band new insight and focus but for whatever reason they sounded good.. So the next time Kip sends out an invitation to see them play by all means GO!.. I'm feeling extra "Idontgiveafuckish" So I posted a really awful grainy cell phone picture of myself with Kip for the retards to photoshop or whatever the bejesus they are doing with my image these days.. They have to be tired of photoshopping the same picture over and over so I'll throw the tards a bone.. Zeeke hate is making you fuckers crazy but keep up the good work, It keeps me laughing..


So, Anyway..

I would like to thank everyone for making the Super Secret Room an overwhelming success.. I wish I could take all the credit for its popularity but that would be greatly overstating my importance.. I've never been foolish enough to delude myself into thinking the secret room was about Zeeke, I've always thought the success of the secret room was a vote against the way the old room was being held hostage and the double standards and favoritism that existed..(of course it helps OUR cause that the people left in the old room are geezers, weenies, whiners, halfwits and pathetic losers) So let them have The Bonnies, The Takomas, The Dicksniffers, The Elderly, The Zeeke Haters, Team Toothless, The Bots and The Trolls and laugh because we have created a better place to totally waste our time and make fun of dumbasses..


Why Is The Dickwhore Yapping About Roofies ?

I'm really not sure why the dickwhore brought this whole mess up again.. I thought the issue was resolved and everyone knew Larry did it.. Since it's a pretty serious matter and because I'm all about the truth.. Here are the facts as the people who were present know them to be.. Everyone involved discussed this matter at great length and it's known that Larry handed all 3 women drinks he had gotten from the bar and walked thru a dark hallway into the outside area( All other drinks were presented by a bartender or waitress so Larry had the only opportunity ).. The 3 drugging incidents only occured when Larry was present (It hasnt happened since Larry stopped showing up after I told him I was gonna punch him in the face for lying about bartabs) and all 3 women who were drugged indicated openly in the room they felt Larry had drugged them, I think the fact that all 3 women were willing to put themselves on record openly in the chatroom and say they are convinced Larry drugged them is a critical part of the story.. I'm not sure why my name is being mentioned as a suspect because none of the 3 women who were drugged ever thought I had anything to do with it..If you feel like finding out the truth maybe you should ask the people who were present or talk to the women involved instead of believing something a Hep C infected halfwit hellbent on revenge posts in a chatroom..


11th grade education ?

I will explain this for the 45,000th time, Not so much to defend myself but more as an example of how ZEEKE HATE creates selective comprehension disorder.. Ehhh.. Fuck them.. Its not like they are worth an explanation..


Random Retarded Rejected Ask Zeeke Comments

I can picture the Hep C infected dickwhore sitting there alone in the dark wearing a tinfoil cap, chainsmoking Kools and crying her eyes out.. Sunnie was right on target when she stated that Bonnie was a "deeply disturbed" woman..
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This is Bonnie and, I say Rose, you and Billy must... This is Bonnie and, I say Rose, you and Billy must have the same prblem, you cant see what you do yourselves, only what others do which, is the same thing you both do!

Rose says: "How can someone who did a friend wrong try and turn it around and five years later they are still obsessed with that ex friend who hasn't given them a second thought?" I am wondering, what is it you exactly see when you type in that chatroom?.. Can you not read your own writing? I mean no matter who comes in there, you are accusing them of being one of the haters from the cops room or, becki or, angie or, whoever.......You yourself is the one who is obsessed with everyone that does not like you which, includes me!!

Now for Billy........First off, you are dillusional about my 27 blogs and, as far as the creators of the "hate" blogs, I wonder if your twin, Rose has read that you listed her blog first among the hate blogs??? That would mean that you disagree with her creating said blog, right?

Moving on..Hatefulness........this is something you have done for years and years in a chatroom. As I remember you saying, you do it to piss people off, you think it is funny to piss people off. I too assume that you love hurting them too. That was proven when your 2 domestic violence charges were made public. Even without the domestic violence charge, it was clear that I was the object of your hate and that you enjoyed hurting me.

So I did what I could and I hunted your ass down, that is why all of your business, that i could find is out there now. At first, I thought it would make you stop or, possibly run but, it only made you worse. But I am not sorry that I posted any of it and, would do it again if I needed to. You know why?...Cause you are just a little gnat on my computer screen and that is all you ever wil be to me! You words however, are another matter.

Now, as for this letter, lol. I seem to remember that one of your followers who has 2 lips, one planted on your ass and the other planted on Roses, sent a similar letter to most of the Rose haters back a year or, so ago. and writing a letter to the haters from herself saying that she was backing out of the drama because, she was being stuck in the middle and it was effecting her health in a negative way and, not 10 minutes after she wrote that letter, she was right back in a chatroom running off with her mouth and starting the drama!

Well right now the way it is, is the way I hope it will stay for a long while because, it is so great to get in there and chat without the fear of being ridiclued and/or, badgered by someone who I hate so much and billy, I honestly truely without a doubt hate you!

You all deserve one another and this is the way it should be......all my haters in one room and, those who like or, can tolerate me, in the marylanders room.......
Publish Reject (Anonymous) 3/3/10


Why Do Younger Women Date Old Men ?

Lonely old men are easy targets.. The woman can lie, cheat, steal, stand him up every weekend and the old fool still believes she gives a fuck.. Its not really a relationship, Its a one sided affair and the old guy deludes himself into believing shes only interested in him and "pops" eagerly keeps the money train rolling.. She will throw some pussy on him twice a year and call once in a while to keep the scam going but eventually old geezers in this position will be forced to change bank account passcodes and find themselves sitting home alone wondering if she's out sucking a clients dick or being the pivot girl in a mexican circle jerk..