No 2:15 AM pancakes at Honey Bees ?

Saturday night out with Kip was a good time.. Drank some beers, played some pool and here's a suprise, The band Vintage didnt totally suck, I didnt leave Lil Bills (Fireside) feeling my ears had been violated by alien soundwaves designed to destroy human ear drums.. I guess the struggles of the lead singer has given the band new insight and focus but for whatever reason they sounded good.. So the next time Kip sends out an invitation to see them play by all means GO!.. I'm feeling extra "Idontgiveafuckish" So I posted a really awful grainy cell phone picture of myself with Kip for the retards to photoshop or whatever the bejesus they are doing with my image these days.. They have to be tired of photoshopping the same picture over and over so I'll throw the tards a bone.. Zeeke hate is making you fuckers crazy but keep up the good work, It keeps me laughing..