You are facing " very serious criminal charges " over the most recent " Ask Zeeke " post.. Are you concerned ?

If I were living in pre cold war Soviet Union or a 3rd world dictatorship country like Dundalk I would be shitting my pants in fear but since I live in America I dont have a care in the world that anything will become of these silly accusations.. Its my flag waving yankee fucking doodle right as an american to piss off the socially retarded, morally bankrupt, pizza faced, punched through a van window, crotch fungus infected dickwhores of the world.. I will continue to provide Ask Zeeke readers with the same high quality nonsense they enjoy and have come to expect.. So dont worry lil Zeekeroos, Threats wont change a thing.. As that famous American George Patton said to Abraham Lincoln as they drove a Hummer up San Juan Hill in 1776.. " Fuck those stupid retards "


Lets meet An AOLER

In todays busy world we rarely get to know folks we encounter online, Its a shame.. So from time to time I will profile a few individuals who dont mind basking in the limelight.. Lets meet.. Kylen A Johnson.. Aka MENSASOS, Aka kelli, Aka kat.. Shes a 38 year old woman from Clarksburg Maryland who works for an Internet tehnology firm in Gaithersburg and also volunteers her time as a regional director of a missing persons network.. In 2006 she was a governors appointee on a maryland missing persons task force.. Aside from the brief stint in rehab for alcoholism Kylen's life has been dedicated to helping others.. In fact.. Shes so giving she gave a man named Dennis A nasty crotch fungus.. She's so giving she even voluntered her face so another woman could do knuckle excersises on it at Clarks.. Its a pity such a wonderful human being has walked among us in obscurity for so many years.. If you are ever in Clarksburg stop in at 12630 Piedmont Trail rd and say hello to Kylen and show her exactly how much you appreciate her lifes work.. If you have a special Kylen story you would like to share feel free to leave it in the comments section.. Kudos to you Kylen, You SIZZLE !


A Great Reader Question

Good Morning Zeeke,

I received this IM this morning. My question to you, is this behavior and obsession with fonts normal behavior? I know you have many years of experience with this sort of thing. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I may be being a little to harsh, but I do believe this individual may need INTERVENTION.....

Thank you in advance for your time.....


Takoma9270 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
Takoma9270: it was a blast seeing you all get blasted, Woot ask me if I wanted the room, I told him no it was too much work so he let it go
Takoma9270: lmao
Takoma9270: he made Md room history it was soooo funny
Perkyonex2: I think everyone left

Perkyonex2: he was in there alone most of the time
Perkyonex2: THAT was the funny part
Takoma9270: yeah he said it was too much work
Perkyonex2: yeah...it was hard to manage..with just him in there
Takoma9270: yeah my puter timed out about 6 am so he was there by himself
Takoma9270: I fixed mine not to time out but when I went back in alen ad it he told me he had to much to do and he didn't want to work with it...
Takoma9270: I told him thats what happen to me..toooo much work
Perkyonex2: zeeke said...don't buy cheap acer junk and your pc wouldn't time out
Perkyonex2: ham infiltrated your pc..causing all that commotion
Takoma9270: I told him I don't have a acer..I took it back there cheap
Takoma9270: I have a HP G60-440
Takoma9270: this is a good puter I just had to reset the timer on it
Takoma9270: Zeek believes to much BS
Takoma9270: he makes me laugh all the time
Takoma9270: we had a new widget we were watching you the whole time
Perkyonex2: ummm....don't you think we all knew you were watching
Takoma9270: yes...we wanted you too
Takoma9270: we know you were going to spend alot of time bashing us and we thought it was funny
Takoma9270: yea it made my day
Perkyonex2: well...I'll Be

Perkyonex2: would take a hell of alot more than what goes on in this chatroom to make my day

Takoma9270: but I told everyone they will zap all of us now..there not taking any prisoners
Takoma9270: lol
Takoma9270: were all traitors in your eyes
Takoma9270: and we knew it
Takoma9270: I told them this is not the worse thing that can happen it our lives
Takoma9270: it just chat room BS
Takoma9270: you will lose the bolt again
Perkyonex2: Is it true that you are dating Wellhung?
Takoma9270: what!..thats funny, I told you Perky I live with a lady I've been going with for 3 years
Takoma9270: and who is Wellhung?
Perkyonex2: I keep seeing it said....that you are dating him
Perkyonex2: I take everything that is said in a chatroom as the gospel
Takoma9270: he's a him ok I see the joke
Takoma9270: yea I C that
Takoma9270: Zeek does also
Takoma9270: thats why I lied all the time to him and Ham..kept them busy keeping up with my stories and drove Zeek crazy...lol..I loved it
Takoma9270: I loved fking with him he was tooo easy
Perkyonex2: if you live with this chick....why are you always on here
Takoma9270: not always
Perkyonex2: most of the time
Takoma9270: well during the day I have alot of time since I'm a fleet manager cause I'm out all the time
Takoma9270: three nights a week she works later hours so I have alot of free time to terrorize the room
Takoma9270: this was just a place to vent thats also
Takoma9270: never went will never date anyone in AOL learned from the past can't trust them
Perkyonex2: oh
Takoma9270: one lady here got mad cuse I wouldn't go out with her so she turned on me
Takoma9270: she was against you guys, I always say once a turn coat always a turn coat
Takoma9270: oh by the way I copied this so in case it is altered
Perkyonex2: ok
Takoma9270: yes I'm watching you now
Takoma9270: it's ok
Perkyonex2: thats fine
Perkyonex2: I knew that
Takoma9270: lmao Zeek is soooo funny
Takoma9270: I never had sooooo much fun watching everyone get blasted
Perkyonex2: I must've missed the part where everyone got blasted
Takoma9270: yeah I guess you did since Pantry was the first to go
Takoma9270: lmao
Perkyonex2: yeah..I work during the day
Takoma9270: good for you, you might have been next..lol
Perkyonex2: yeah....well...nothing I would've committed suicide over or anything

Takoma9270: yea I know not that important..lol
Perkyonex2: oh
Takoma9270: Woot made history here..lmao..but the kicker would have been Zeek getting zapped..maybe next time
Takoma9270: lmao
Takoma9270: tell Zeekpee I will be back............. No.. its not normal bahavior.. Obviously Zeeke controls his every thought and action.. Takoma needs serious mental help.. I wish him well..