You are facing " very serious criminal charges " over the most recent " Ask Zeeke " post.. Are you concerned ?

If I were living in pre cold war Soviet Union or a 3rd world dictatorship country like Dundalk I would be shitting my pants in fear but since I live in America I dont have a care in the world that anything will become of these silly accusations.. Its my flag waving yankee fucking doodle right as an american to piss off the socially retarded, morally bankrupt, pizza faced, punched through a van window, crotch fungus infected dickwhores of the world.. I will continue to provide Ask Zeeke readers with the same high quality nonsense they enjoy and have come to expect.. So dont worry lil Zeekeroos, Threats wont change a thing.. As that famous American George Patton said to Abraham Lincoln as they drove a Hummer up San Juan Hill in 1776.. " Fuck those stupid retards "