Update: Rejects Located

The REJECTS have been found ! Heres how.. An old friend of mine from the Divorced Only room is a reg in a room called Guys n Dolls and saw the name Zeeke mentioned several times.. She knew they had to be talking about me so she sent me the text.. I looked at the roomlist and sure enough there was Spamload, Toothless Bob, Jezzy, NmGuy(chesman) and Ewhore.. Spam and Bob have made quite a splash over there and people are already wishing they would both just go away.. We know that feeling !


Ohhhhhhhh Now I Understand

I've always wondered how Ole Faggy got his head so far up his ass..


Remember ?

Remember how hard you laughed when you saw Toothless Bobs famous Barf-o-lounger pic ? GOOD TIMES !


Numbas Tell The Story

Even with vacations, summer outdoor fun and wiping out nearly all the "marginal tards" the LOVE FEST room is still drawing the overwhelming majority of Maryland chatters.. Although I must confess the picture is a little misleading... Shortly after someone sent me that screenshot the number was 27 to 2.. ZOMBIES RULE !


UPDATE: The Results Are Inconclusive

The results of my super scientific study are inconclusive.. I simply cant determine where the REJECTS went... JEZZY and EWHORE are the only 2 rejects who went back into the Team Toothless controlled room.. The rest are MIA.. After my initial post I stepped up bolting "marginal tards" hoping to follow a trail and find answers but none were found.. Although we cant say where the "rejects" went my investigation has confirmed my suspicion that no one wants to endure the shame and humiliation of being in a team toothless controlled room so the question remains.. WHERE HAVE ALL THE REJECTS GONE ?


Finally.. The HepWhore got Something Right..

""" BonniesbackUazz: you can take the trash out of dundalk but no matter where you oput it it is still TRASH """ Oh well.. At least she didnt wish Mikeys son dead again..


It's A Match !

I was goofing around with facial recognition software and look who matched Droopy.. Sorry Droopy.. I know that cuts pretty deep ..


Readers Choice

Ask Zeeke readers were outraged when the ANGRY LIVER and LUIGI WILSON pics weren't included in the best pic contest.. Sorry Guys.. ENJOY !


Which Is The Best ASK ZEEKE Pic Of All Time ?

Both these pics are timeless classics.. FROOTY THE LIMPWRISTED SWAMI captured the essence of Ole Faggys dive into the abyss.. Fat Maddy and Toothless Toddler Bob was a pic that captured the true spirit of a totally dysfunctional co-dependant relationship.. I'm gonna have to call this one a TIE.. Congratulations..


Where Have The " REJECTS " Gone ?

In the past when I bolted marginal tards from my room they ended up back in the Team Toothless controlled room.. This time it isn't the case.. Where have they gone ? Has the shame and embarrassment of being associated with Team Toothless become a line no one is willing to cross ? I'm launching a full scale investigation into this matter and will report my findings at a later date..



" NtrIBInd40: zeek from friends of bonnies we hope you find a cyber date and will post personal IMs all weekend u ppl talk 2 spys and was logged we b shared lets show what u talk about and who time to put it all out in the open "... I'm not exactly sure what that statement is supposed to mean.. SPIES IN OUR ROOM ? POSTING ROOM LOGS ? There goes Ole Faggys delusional week long blog crusade down the shitter.. PLEASE NOTE: I must insist that if you are going to do drivebys make them literate and have a clear message.. I dont translate TARD !

A Joyous Day In Halethorpe


Nancy Grace Wins The First Annual " Jesus Should Spank You Because You Totally Suck " Award

Nancy had the audacity to accuse someone of exploiting a horiffic situation for monetary gain on one of her recent TV broadcasts.. Queen Blowhole has made a career out of exploiting horiffic situations for monetary gain.. Nancy Nancy Nancy.. Bend Over and take it like a man ..