When Zeeke Hate Isn't Enough..

Alliances were formed.. The battleplan was drawn... Faggy was bloggin.. HepSquatch was googlin.. Spamloaf was drinkin.. The rest of the tards were cheering.. Finally Zeeke was going to be DESTROYT !.. Where did it all go wrong ?.. As funny as it is to see Christofag and the Hep Sisters at each others throats I feel a little saddened that Zeeke hate wasnt enough to keep the Toothless misfits unified.. ZEEKE HATE ROONS LIFES !


Breaking News.. Zeeke Comments On Ugly's Blog..

That's right fellow americans.. The Silence is broken.. Zeeke the god of chat dispensed a few words of wisdom to the hungry masses and also took a moment to inform Kylen that her ass is getting big.. I also called the Washington county sewer dept so they can prepare for Christofag shitting out a Buick sometime tomorrow when he reads it.. I cant wait to see where Ugly's tracker said I was because I was at an undisclosed location when I submitted the comment.. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD SNOOPING !.... Special Zeeke note.. I went 2 years without reading that hateful smear rag and it will likely be another 2 years before I read it again so don't expect a pissing contest with those delusional retards.. I'm sure Faggy will take my post apart piece by piece and tell you what I meant to say or discover some deep hidden meaning behind my decision to post on the blog at this place in time but really none exists.. Someone said go look at the crazy shit Faggy and Bonnie were posting so I did.. About all I can say is for a man who deplores drama and ugly behavior Faggy sure is up to his orange teeth in it.. congratulations Faggy.. Like Bonnie you have become everything you detest..


Feel The Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

annoyance2856: wow the same three and a different one
annoyance2856: amazing
annoyance2856: how stupid can you be
annoyance2856: surrender the room you idiots


The Funniest Team Toothless Crackpot Theory Hateful Smear Rag Post Of The Week

Anonymous said... Don't let the Zombies fool you. The Love Festered room does have a bolt. Ham just sits outside of the room and darts in like a slobbering retard to bolt anyone she doesn't like.
Ham has fallen to the bottom of the food chain. It must suck to sit hours on end waiting to sneak up on someone for the purpose of bolting them.
It is time for the wacky farm Ham
September 10, 2011 8:46 PM


Worldwide Reports Confirm Team Toothless Split

Just over the AP wire.. It's been confirmed that Team Toothless suffered massive casualties as the result of losing the bolt in the Maryland room.. It appears to be the result of overinflated ego's and total miscalculation of character within its own organization.. The hapless bunch of rag-tag battle worn misfits has split into 2 camps but fighting continued well into the early morning hours of 9/2 when Spam complained about Christofag to an unidentified source in a confidential instant message.. We can expect heavy fighting to continue through the holiday weekend which will result in Christofag justifying himself and his actions on a hateful smear rag sometime Monday morning further escalating the violence.. A spokesman for the Zombie Alliance is quoted as saying "When you have a group of individuals bound together by hate and a common goal and you remove one element the walls collapse, They lost the bolt, everything fell apart and now they are turning on each other like hungry wolves" Other Zombie Alliance members were reported to be laughing at the absurdity of the whole situation while discussing the upcoming football season.. Ask Zeeke will keep you updated as the casualty count rises and this explosive situation continues to develop.. ZEEKE OUT !


What Happens On The First ?

Yes.. Bonnie gets fresh gas station sausage and class A smokes but I'm talking about the monthly ZEEKE use tax.. When I clicked into Uglys smear rag to total up the bill I SEENT a post from Bonnie ripping into Christofag and airing a buncha Team Toothless dirt which is worth far more to me than the 52 million dollars I would have collected from the ZEEKE use tax... So everyones off the hook this month but billing will resume next month so ZEEKE away..