Worldwide Reports Confirm Team Toothless Split

Just over the AP wire.. It's been confirmed that Team Toothless suffered massive casualties as the result of losing the bolt in the Maryland room.. It appears to be the result of overinflated ego's and total miscalculation of character within its own organization.. The hapless bunch of rag-tag battle worn misfits has split into 2 camps but fighting continued well into the early morning hours of 9/2 when Spam complained about Christofag to an unidentified source in a confidential instant message.. We can expect heavy fighting to continue through the holiday weekend which will result in Christofag justifying himself and his actions on a hateful smear rag sometime Monday morning further escalating the violence.. A spokesman for the Zombie Alliance is quoted as saying "When you have a group of individuals bound together by hate and a common goal and you remove one element the walls collapse, They lost the bolt, everything fell apart and now they are turning on each other like hungry wolves" Other Zombie Alliance members were reported to be laughing at the absurdity of the whole situation while discussing the upcoming football season.. Ask Zeeke will keep you updated as the casualty count rises and this explosive situation continues to develop.. ZEEKE OUT !