A confirmed Zeeke sighting in Delaware..

Its true.. Zeeke attended the picnic in Delaware Saturday.. I must thank Tom and Nanci for a truly wonderful experience.. The food was superb and Nanci may be the most gracious hostess of all time.. She really outdid herself and it was greatly appreciated by the guests in attendance.. Kudos !!!


Congratulations.. YOU SUCK !

Recently its come to my attention that a certain HEP C INFECTED, Kool smoking, section 8, DICKWHORE (whos name I wont mention) attempted to post hurtful comments on A memorial page devoted to someones recently deceased mother.. I really have to ask.. What kind of sick demented individual would do such a thing ? I sat back and reflected on this for a while and I cant think of anything more vulgar and disgusting.. It ranks right up there with date raping a tard girl or hitting a 96 year old grandfather of 25 over the head with a brick and stealing his wallet.. It really troubles me that people like this are allowed to exist in society.. All I can say is..If karma exists you are gonna be one hurtin DICKWHORE when it finally catches up with you..


Did You See The Toofless Trucker's Picture With His Shirt off ?

Sadly yes.. When I was done laughing it got me thinking about A white trash remake of " All in the family ".. A story about a fat toothless trucker who lost his job and hates the world.. Archie Boleks Barf-O-Lounger even has cupholders built into the arms to add class and sophistication to the show.. I'll shop the idea around and see if anyone bites.. Stay tuned for the answer.. Same FAT time, Same FAT channel..


Do You Think My Girlfriend Is Hot ?

After careful review of the pic you sent.. I believe you are lying and trying to pass off a cute waitress as your girlfriend.. Her waitress apron tells a story.. A story that points to the delusional and grandiose manner in which you want yourself to be viewed by others.. Honestly, If it wasnt such A sad and pathetic attempt at trying to snow people, It wouldnt be nearly as comical.. Anyway, I have a short quote that might be of some value.. " I would rather be HATED for who I am than LOVED for who I'm not " Also.. Find that waitresses number..I have a friend thats 23 and could actually date that girl without making people puke..


Its official.. Zeeke is GOD

Its official.. When nitwits start defacing the body with ink and needles in my honor..Its official..I'm GOD ..


Zeeke TATS are all the rage.. Get yours today !

Zeeke tats make you cooler than Fonzie.. In fact.. I'm so hip to the idea that I will gladly pay for it.. Thats due to the fact that welfare money could be better spent on electroshock therapy..


An Apology To Bubbles The Chimp Fans

Great news.. Bubbles the shit flinging chimp isnt really dead.. I sincerely apologize to bubbles fans everywhere..


I have a video of me masturbating and its all over the web, What should I do ?

Ok.. I viewed the NASTY SHAGGY clip at flurl dot com.. Are you somehow related to the Geico cavemen? Wow.. I'm at a loss for words here but Its my civic duty to help anyone regardless how much I'm throwing up. Putting aside my sudden urges to heave my guts, I will push on and try and help.. Obviously you cant put the cork back in the bottle so thats a lost cause but I can give you advice on how you can do such things and NOT be so painfully disgusting.. Get a paper and pencil and write this down.. Ready ? First off..Lose 5 or 100 pounds because you looked like a hippo at the zoo getting its crotch attacked by a perverted caretaker.. Second.. For god sake, clean that filthy house.. 3rd.. Dont allow the cameraman to pan up and show your face because Ugly ruins the moment.. 4th and foremost.. Dont align yourself with a bunch of toothless retards because only bad things will come from it.. There now dont you feel better ?