Welcome Back

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Bernie back to Maryland Chat.. Since she's a regular again she will save herself the trouble of popping in the room once a month and informing us she hasnt been online in nearly 2 years and call EVERYONE a buncha losers for still being around.. Nice to see ya full time again LOSER.. Note: If you wish to welcome her back personally you will have to go into the other Maryland room because I bolted her drama infested two faced ass out of mine..


Team Toothless HQ Discovered !

I strapped a camera on Inky the trained rat and caught this image of Team Toothless World Headquarters.. At the time of the photo a high level staff meeting was in session and intelligence reports indicate special agent " BonniferK2 " was frustrated because the window treatments were clashing with the carpet..


Frooty The Limpwristed Swami

Frooty the limpwristed Swami.. I wasn't gonna give the old fag anymore attention, but someone sent this and I couldn't resist.. The turd turban is priceless and a fair representation of what happens when Zeeke hate becomes the defining moment in someones life.. The next time you see the geezin' old gurlyfag post "Swami" in 3rd person think of that picture and laugh along with the other 96% of folks who think he's a total buttdart..


A Rare White Hippo Sighting In North America

Our crack photographers spent months searching Walmarts across the great northwest for the rare white trash albino hippo and were rewarded with this spectacular sighting of not 1 but 2 of the great beasts.. The male is easily identified by his dollar store pullover Harley sweatshirt that he sports without actually owning a motorcycle complete with fanciful doorag, huge extended belly and sparse nappy chin hair while the female is identified by her Wilma Flintstone haircolor, wide fat face and multiple chins... Seriously guys.. Limit buffet line returns to under 10 and stop super sizing fast food meals, You are both massive coronaries waiting to happen and for heaven's sake GET SOME SUN.. I've seen morgue photos on Rotten dot com of dead people with more color..


What Makes Bonnie So Angry ?

Recent ultrasound images reveal the cause of Bonnie's anger.. That is one unhappy liver !


Nice Room ? HA !

Tonight I watched in disbelief as the fat toothless trucker stated he hoped one of our brave American Servicemen (Mikeys son) would come home in a bodybag.. Later that night when it was mentioned again, Fat Becki and Whore Maddy defended his words by saying.. "our kids were blogged as well".. I'm 100% sure Mikey doesn't have a blog and unrelated words somewhere in someones blog cannot become everyones excuse for everything.. Nothing excuses wishing an American Serviceman dead.. EVER !.. This is the second time I've seen it happen in that room and it didn't make it less repulsive or unamerican.. Hepzilla wished Mikey's son dead last year and got slammed for it.. HepZilla and Fatboy Bob should both be ashamed to stand on soil earned by the blood and courage of american soldiers after making such treasonous statements.. This all comes on the heels of a delusional movement proclaiming one room is nice, the other room is evil.. I'm sorry but if anyone posted such Anti-American propaganda in my room they would be dismissed instantly and never allowed back.. Commie Bastards !


I Couldnt Let This Comment Go..

cocksuckingfagjewbitch said...
Be sure to closely watch the Helpless blog starting NOW. You and the Zombies are going to be STARS. (chuckle, chuckle)
The geezing girlyfag posted that in the comments section of Ask Zeeke.. I don't read blogs.. And if YOU don't stop acting like Bonnie, YOU are going to end up naked rocking back n forth in a dark closet masturbating with a broken glass coke bottle while mumbling my name at a funny farm.. Go obsess over what color blue goes with a pink bathroom or what color draperies go with hideous orange tobacco stained teeth.. It's time for you face reality and deal with important life issues like who's penis the lovely Pamela had in her mouth tonight while you sat there alone in the fag palace signed into AOL obsessing over mindless chatroom bullshit with a handful of halfwitted Zeeke hating retards that I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire and who no one really gives 2 shits about anyway... Maybe today the WHORE Pamela "earned" an extra 25 cash for allowing a client to paint her tonsils with splooge again? Does she report her blowjob money to you so you can deduct it from her allowance? Those are the important hard hitting life questions you should be asking yourself and stop obsessing over people who at this point dont give a flying fiddlers fuck about you or anything you have to say.. You simply dont matter enough to justify the few words I have dedicated to you in Ask Zeeke but I do love seeing asshats like you prove that everything I ever posted about them was right on the money and I laugh when self important, smug jackasses who have for years insisted they were above such things get sucked into Zeekehate, self destruct then delude themselves into believing whatever newly gained popularity they think they have gained is due in any part to them and not part of a bigger picture involving a halfassed hate campaign launched against me by hapless nitwits I have pissed on in chatrooms for over a decade.. Zeeke hate makes me stronger as it weakens the people stupid enough to involve themselves in it.. Enjoy the new and exciting friends you have like Bonnie, Butter and Takoma because everyone you used to know and considered intellectual equals now think you are an obsessed douchbag.. DOINK !


Elect A President of The Zeeke Hate Club..

On Friday April 16th 2010 my 79 year old gravely ill mother recieved a harassing phonecall from A. Mckenzie 240-281-7029.. (Fat Angies racist, unemployed, useless jailbird boyfriend Randy made the call with her cell) Anyway.. It got me thinking it might be time for the Zeeke hate club to elect a president and share information so dumb incidents like this wont happen in the future.. If you tardo's elected a president and shared a common database of important Zeeke information like where my mother or the rest of my family lives or what color my most recent poop was, you wouldnt do stupid shit like calling my mothers house looking for me.. (I dont live there and haven't since I was 17) Instead you could send an email to the president of my fanclub and get a detailed "ZEEKE" report and go from there and not have to rely on incorrect information that ate up braindead moron's post in A chatroom as truth.. Hepzilla would be an obvious choice because she has 7.000 discs of Zeeke information (nearly all incorrect) but recent blog activity from the geezin' old Fag has shown him to be a contender for the top spot in the "I'm totally obsessed with Zeeke" club.. So.. goodluck and make me proud lil tarderoo's.. Seriously though.. If you are going to call and harass an innocent dying elderly woman because you are offended by the truth or too much of a spineless weenie to face me directly on my numerous jaunts out on weekends at least block the name and number from caller ID so you wont have to suffer the shame and humiliation when you read it posted on Ask Zeeke..


You Protesteth Too Mucheth

Here is a current list of people who have been bolted from the Super Secret Room.. Aintthebeercold, Amos Deerfield, ANGLE MISSY56 (I liked that one, They arent even smart enough to spell "angel"), bayvillenutcase, Bonniesback2, Bonnieisburnt2, Butterflybeme54, ChristopherK2, Chyandqt, Brendin8818, DundalkBrat, EnolaB29x, FUN W DUCKTAPE, GHBisZeekes, graceg19701, HAMANDBEANS9, Hollandmico, hrnyolman719x, Humpityhumps, Jnr60Johnson, KAG WAS HERE, Keithg1965c, KIRK CAPT, MANWITHBIGBOLT, marylandman here, millersvillebab4, MonicadoBrasil37, Niceneasy1015, Nightbreed28, nonamewanted2008, Padur1212, Pinkie11578, RedSkybay, RuffStuffRob69, Rooster2958, SarahDraws, Srjstr8pool, Svapam, Sweetchitty1, Takoma9270 Thomasnakeyman, Tiller814, Troy920, uglymarylanders, upgots4001, Whitelilly467 (clone), Whitelilly467 (clone) WidgetWatchrAnon, Xalan39o3x (clone).. The next time you see any of those names posting disrespectful things about the Super Secret Room you will understand where the anger comes from..


Go Go HepZilla !

HepZilla.. What a perfect name for the crazy old wretch.. I dont care who you are.. Thats some funny shit right there..


Post, Deny, Lie and everythings OK

ButterflyBeMe54: I had to get put down my 2 younger cats today I am very sad
SunniesBack2: awwwwww..
DaIIuver: Why Butter
ButterflyBeMe54: hubby's copd he ccouldn't breathe because of the cats...
Above are Butters exact words about her cats before she discovered people had issue with what she had done and totally changed her story.. I'm glad Sunnie and Dall were the ones involved in the initial discussion because of course both are super animal lovers who were disgusted that Butter put her cats down without investigating the possibility of adopting them out.. So obviously this wasnt a case of Zeeke twisting words it was a case of Butter trying to fix the horrible, selfish, hateful thing she had done by inventing a story people were comfortable with.. In Butters 3rd and current version of the story one of the cats had already been adopted out by a little girl who loved the cat dearly.. Happy ending ? Not for butters 2 dead cats.. MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWW