I Couldnt Let This Comment Go..

cocksuckingfagjewbitch said...
Be sure to closely watch the Helpless blog starting NOW. You and the Zombies are going to be STARS. (chuckle, chuckle)
The geezing girlyfag posted that in the comments section of Ask Zeeke.. I don't read blogs.. And if YOU don't stop acting like Bonnie, YOU are going to end up naked rocking back n forth in a dark closet masturbating with a broken glass coke bottle while mumbling my name at a funny farm.. Go obsess over what color blue goes with a pink bathroom or what color draperies go with hideous orange tobacco stained teeth.. It's time for you face reality and deal with important life issues like who's penis the lovely Pamela had in her mouth tonight while you sat there alone in the fag palace signed into AOL obsessing over mindless chatroom bullshit with a handful of halfwitted Zeeke hating retards that I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire and who no one really gives 2 shits about anyway... Maybe today the WHORE Pamela "earned" an extra 25 cash for allowing a client to paint her tonsils with splooge again? Does she report her blowjob money to you so you can deduct it from her allowance? Those are the important hard hitting life questions you should be asking yourself and stop obsessing over people who at this point dont give a flying fiddlers fuck about you or anything you have to say.. You simply dont matter enough to justify the few words I have dedicated to you in Ask Zeeke but I do love seeing asshats like you prove that everything I ever posted about them was right on the money and I laugh when self important, smug jackasses who have for years insisted they were above such things get sucked into Zeekehate, self destruct then delude themselves into believing whatever newly gained popularity they think they have gained is due in any part to them and not part of a bigger picture involving a halfassed hate campaign launched against me by hapless nitwits I have pissed on in chatrooms for over a decade.. Zeeke hate makes me stronger as it weakens the people stupid enough to involve themselves in it.. Enjoy the new and exciting friends you have like Bonnie, Butter and Takoma because everyone you used to know and considered intellectual equals now think you are an obsessed douchbag.. DOINK !