Elect A President of The Zeeke Hate Club..

On Friday April 16th 2010 my 79 year old gravely ill mother recieved a harassing phonecall from A. Mckenzie 240-281-7029.. (Fat Angies racist, unemployed, useless jailbird boyfriend Randy made the call with her cell) Anyway.. It got me thinking it might be time for the Zeeke hate club to elect a president and share information so dumb incidents like this wont happen in the future.. If you tardo's elected a president and shared a common database of important Zeeke information like where my mother or the rest of my family lives or what color my most recent poop was, you wouldnt do stupid shit like calling my mothers house looking for me.. (I dont live there and haven't since I was 17) Instead you could send an email to the president of my fanclub and get a detailed "ZEEKE" report and go from there and not have to rely on incorrect information that ate up braindead moron's post in A chatroom as truth.. Hepzilla would be an obvious choice because she has 7.000 discs of Zeeke information (nearly all incorrect) but recent blog activity from the geezin' old Fag has shown him to be a contender for the top spot in the "I'm totally obsessed with Zeeke" club.. So.. goodluck and make me proud lil tarderoo's.. Seriously though.. If you are going to call and harass an innocent dying elderly woman because you are offended by the truth or too much of a spineless weenie to face me directly on my numerous jaunts out on weekends at least block the name and number from caller ID so you wont have to suffer the shame and humiliation when you read it posted on Ask Zeeke..