The Hapless Tards got a fix on my position and are moving in for the kill..


The Transformation Is Complete

After tough negotiations Ole Faggy has acquired the Aunt Bess outfit..
Terms of the deal are secret but it's being reported that Kools were exchanged.. Faggy was seen flitting all around City park wearing his new acquisition and in an exclusive interview the Hep Infected Halfwit told an Ask Zeeke staffer she was excited about the deal.. "Faggy looks spiffy in my old dress and for the first time in my life I got Kools and didn't have to put a homeless mans filthy penis in my mouth".. The staff here at Ask Zeeke will keep it's readers updated as Faggy continues on his path of self destruction and misery..


It's Hard To Tell Them Apart

What's the difference between a Hep infected halfwit and a delusional old gurlyman ?
Nothing.. You Can't tell them apart anymore.


Who's Obsessing ?

OnlineHost: ChristopherK2 has entered the room.


The Fun Never Ends..

OnlineHost: Takoma9270's participation in this chatroom has been suspended by the room owner for being a Dickmunching Asshat.


This Should Be Standard

Say this 5 times as fast as you can..
Now you know what its like to be Bonnie..


Important Message From Our Sponsors

In order to provide it's readers with the same top quality nonsense they have come to expect from Ask Zeeke I've taken on a few sponsors to help defray operating costs..
I wanted to keep Ask Zeeke free from Advertising but Hepto-Bismol offered me 16 cents, a bent paper clip and a piece of pocket lint to display the Ad on my site.. In todays bad economy how could I refuse such an offer ?


Hepalong Returns

And returns and returns and returns..


Girl Scouts 100th Birthday

Today we celebrate the 100th birthday of the Girl Scouts of America.. The staff here at Ask Zeeke found one of it's very first members still active in scouting.. This dazzling scout was the first to be awarded the highly coveted " Drapery and Window Treatment " badge way back in 1914..


Captain Freeloader

The world needed a fat toothless superhero..


Best TOS Ever !

We want to inform you that your account was used to violate our Terms of Service. Here are the specific details of the violation:

Screen Name: TheZeekEffect

Date: 2012-03-10 14:27:11.0

2012-03-10 14:27:11.0
Violator URL: aol://2770:77-2-Marylands%20Coolest

TheZeekEffect: orbitys pussy smells like a dead baby seal


Special Message From Tiller814

"nobody send me a email until you dumb asses get your selfs together"
The Staff here at Ask Zeeke is A little confused why Tiller posted this in the MarylandersOver35 room.. Hopefully the person who sent Tiller the email will read this and get the message..


Ron Saves The Day !

Once again the Yellow Menace infiltrated our perimeter.. Thankfully Ron was able to repel the Yellow invasion before any top secret information fell into enemy hands..
We salute you Ron for making the world a better place..