Gay or Not ?

I read this shocking statement recently.. "When I punch men I get a boner" I sampled a random group and everyone came to the same conclusion.. UBER GAY.. In fact.. Most thought it was the gayest thing they ever heard.. This statement knocks a grown man refering to using the bathroom as "going potty' down a notch to number 2 on the all time gayest thing ever list..


What Is A Patella ?

No..Its not a sexpart.. I can't believe bonehead is in a chatroom asking What a patella is nearly a month after karma shattered hers.. I know shes heard of GOOGLE because she uses it to dig personal information on everyone.. Since she reads Ask Zeeke I thought I would post a picture that may help explain what a patella is.. never let it be said Zeeke doesnt try and help the retarded..


Toofless Trucker Maff

I read lots of really dumb posts but this gem sticks out like Ron Jeremy at Lillith Fair.. "Maryland, Delaware and the 46 other states".. Let me Jethro Bodine cypher this out.. 46 plus 1 is 47 plus 1 is 48.. Somehow I can't make this add up to 50.. I entered it into Ask Zeeke's massive supercomputer and the answer is 48 with a 9999.99% degree of error.. This cant be right.. I asked Butter and she pawed the ground 50 times with a hoof so she knew the answer was 50.. Then I found a 4 year old kid and asked how many states were in the United States of America and her answer was 50.. How can this be ? I will exhaust every resource at my disposal until I can work this perplexing mathematic mystery.. Until this is figured out I have to insist TOOFLESS BOB suspend all activites requiring the use of his brain.. That shouldn't be a really big issue since he never uses it anyway..


Where Has the Hep Infested Dickwhore been ?

Karma finally caught up with the Dickwhore and slammed her down on the ice breaking her kneecap in 3 places.. Our crack staff scoured veterinary clinics all over Baltimore looking for animal hospitals that accepted welfare insurance and found the old bitch resting comfortably and looking better than ever..


Star Wars 7.. Revenge Of The Toothless

Ask Zeeke readers get a special look into Star Wars 7th movie.. Revenge Of The Toothless... The movie finds a new hero " Tard Vader " emerge as the leader of a band of illiterate social misfits who struggle against all odds to find out where teeth go when they fall out.. Our hero "Tard Vader" lost a bitter war with the Cavity Creeps who claimed his teeth and forced Tard Vader to roam the universe searching for them in a spaceship that looks amazingly like a tractor trailer.. Sadly "Tard" never finds his teefs and becomes a bloated trucker who lives out his remaining life pretending to be somebody in AOL chat and braggin about having 684 friends on Facebook.. MAY THE TEEFS BE WITH YOU



Zeeke Wishes everyones Livers have a great 2011 !