The Fishing Gods Are Smiling..

2 Largemouth bass over 5 pounds in the same week..
One in the Potomac and one in a farm pond..


AOL's New Powercouple

Sometimes love is just meant to be ..
So what if Faggy thought Bonnie was low class dirt for over a decade..
So what if Bonnie thought Faggy was a sniveling little worm..
Zeeke hate brought them together and may not be the greatest bond a couple can share but for these 2 psychotic lovebirds it just might be enough..


Faggy's Yard Needs Attention..

Our crack staff captured this photo of Faggy's yard.. When asked to comment he said. " Ugly's blog is the most important thing in my life and I dont have time for anything else, in fact my fiance is under that big green bush orally pleasuring a homeless man and I dont care about that either "
We hope Faggy seeks mental help for his addiction to silly internet drama and can once again become a normal functioning member of society..


Another Zeeke True AOL Story..

Tonight we were having a lovely chat in our swanky new private room when Perky sent me a picture and asked why they are saying this is me on the hateful shitrag..
Ummmm... Obviously that picture isn't me so whatever information the insane stalker freaks got from classmates or someones 4th cousin is incorrect..
Perky met me 1 time and knew it wasn't me and I'm sure the hundred or so other people who have met me realize it isn't me so what is gained when the story has zero credibility because the picture is wrong ?

Hopefully if I provide the correct dates the insane stalker freaks will get it right and not make fools of themselves again.. Ok ready ? Get out the super spy club kids gear and write this down..

I was born in August of 1962 which means I would graduate in 1980.. As I stated on Rons blog I took 12th grade english in 11th grade along with my regular classes and got my high school diploma in 1979 a year early.. According to my super math skills I was 16 when I recieved my high school diploma because at the end of the school year in 1979 I hadn't had my 17th birthday.

Early graduates were not listed in yearbooks and I know I'm not listed in classmates because I looked a few years ago after the death of a childhood friend.. Also I have never attended Frederick Community College, I took a few classes at Montgomery college because I was living in Kemptown at the time and got some credits out of the way before attending University in the fall of 81 to ease the financial burden because unlike Faggy I paid for college myself without grants or Mom helping me..

I'm not real clear why any of this is an issue 33 years after the fact and it does all seem a little trivial and silly but you should rest a little easier knowing that it hasn't been a high school dropout thats gotten so far into your heads that you are stalking sites like classmates and facebook scrambling for tomorrows blogpost But if I were you I would be concerned why anyone elses life is such an important issue to you in the first place.. It's not normal behavior..

Hopefully this information will make the insane stalkers lives a little easier and give them hope for tomorrow..

Good luck and good stalking...


Stop Falling For It..

Obviously the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT was fake..
We thought it would be funny to fool the tards into thinking we gave up the name of our private room.. of course when they popped in they saw a name created to insult and humiliate them yet again..
UraSillyTard.. Brilliant.. Mission accomplished.. end of story right ?
NO.. Since everything we do causes Faggy to discharge 4 pints of vaginal blood on Ron's blog we get special bonus laughs at his expense..
I can't for the life of me figure out why this man is so obsessed with everything we do and blows everything out of proportion and acts as if what we do is a crime against humanity.. We do it to make fun of him and he doesn't get it..
Oh well.. On to the next big scam !


Big Big Big Announcement..

Due to wild speculation and delusional crackpot theories the Maryland Chat Commission has decided to post the name of our private room..
Marylands Best Chat
Tards will still be bolted and we must warn you that if you enter you will be attacked and insulted...


Shunned !

Poor Faggy..


A Special Zeeke Thank You..

I would like to thank all the people who made the transition into the swanky new private room an orderly and painless event.. Anyone who didn't recieve the link still has listed Maryland chat options.. You can hang out with drunk Kirk in the old over 35 room or with Faggy in Marylanders and Bonnie creates rooms almost hourly pushing whatever insane crackpot theory her warped mind invented in that 60 minute timespan.. Hopefully since our group went private the remaining listed Maryland rooms will pick up a few stray chatters from the marginal tards that we left behind.. Who knows, The listed rooms might even crack the 2 chatter barrier thats plagued them since the rooms split..
We Wish them GOOD LUCK ..