Mazel Tov

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Perky and Alz as they enter into marital bliss and wish them a lifetime of happiness together.. My crack photography team was unable to bring back photos from the wedding itself but they were able to snap a pic of the trashcan Bonnie was hiding in trying to scoop the event for her blog..


It's A Conspiracy

Bonnie and Takoma have initiated a fool proof super secret plan designed to completely destroy Zeeke called "TURBO".. I'm giddy with excitement to see what brilliant plan those 2 braindead halfwitted retards masterminded.. The crystal ball says it will be a failure of epic proportion like every other plan those 2 hapless boneheads ever devised.. Seriously guys.. When you start naming plans you remind me of Wiley Coyote feverishly drawing on a chalkboard and sending away for the Acme Zeeke Destroyer kit and waiting for it to arrive in the mail.. The kit finally comes and the rocket skates explode or he get's crushed by a giant anvil falling from some silly looking contraption made of cardboard and string while the road runner says Beep Beep and runs away laughing..... BEEP BEEP MOTHERFUCKERS !


Old Fat Married Drunk Whore Inflatable Love Doll With Vibrating Mouth Action

I really don't have to add anything to make this funnier..


New Feature, A Book Of The Month Club

I've started a book of the month club and thought it was appropriate to get the ball rolling with a subject we all enjoy.. My first book of the month club features A book from the "For Dummies" series.. Nina Paul has written a Heptacular book which covers all aspects of living with the shame and guilt associated with contracting such a filthy and disgusting disease.. The chapter I found most interesting was the one that discussed brain fog and the rapidly deteriorating mental health of Hep C patients as cirrhosos eats away the liver (yes its there) and the resulting urge to lash out at the world.. Every dummy who has contracted Hep C should rush out and buy this book today.. I see a huge market in the Halethorpe/Landsdowne area which seems to be a hotbed for the disease especially among the homeless population around 5th Avenue.. HAVE A HEPPY DAY !