I Found It On Craigslist

When the big day comes we will be prepared..


Did You Hear What Zeeke Did ?

Of course being in the more popular Maryland room has its advantages (like words moving on a screen) but sometimes we get drivebys posting insane nonsense like this.. "bonnie is right you took her money zeek you lied you are the person who took her money and why do we sit apart at events you are the reason zeek you start all of this you ruin the room and events give her money back zeek be a man"... I have no earthly idea what that is about since Bonnie is on welfare and is totally broke 28 days a month.. Then 3 minutes later it returned and posted this gem.. "zeek you took a womens money after her husband past away your not a man your a jerk who sits online does nothing in life but steal from ppl you ruin the room just you zeek you live for chat zeek be a man get a job get a life zeek be a man"... Obviously someone has me confused with the Toothless Bob stealing Orbitys money ordeal.. Evidently when I bolt an asshat they run into the old room crying the blues and then the toothless wonders are assigning me the blame for awful shit they have done to people over the years.. CRAZY SHIT INDEED


The Greatest Story Ever Told

One upon a time in a land far far away the blogosphere had become dull and uninteresting and a hero arrived to save the day..
His blogs were lighthearted and fun but the evil forces were offended and tried to destroy him..
A senile ole gurlyfag took the news of the new blogs popularity unusually hard and was hurled into deep depression and became even more delusional than before.. He gave up taking care of his flowers and made a costume out of his mothers old clothes and turned into.. Captain Nice..
Captain Nice wasnt really nice at all.. He tried to thwart the efforts of the new blogger at everyturn by leaving snide little comments and making fun of it.. well..our hero went dumpster diving and found a costume of his own and became.. SUPER FUN BLOGGER DUDE..
A battle raged and SUPER FUN BLOGGER DUDE won the war when he refused to change his blog style to suit what Captain Nice and his band of evil rejects thought blogs outta be thereby changing the blogworld forever.. The crowds cheered..
Captain Nice and his band of evil rejects were sent back to an empty chatroom to plan the next wave of attacks and the GOOD people were so happy they all chipped in and bought him a can of spam..


End Of An Era..

A contest was held and Millions of Ask Zeeke readers texted " WE LOVE RON " to 5454 making him the clear winner.. Ask Zeeke readers made a wise choice.. I have no doubt Ron will maintain the same high quality chat standards that made the Maryland Love Fest room one of the most popular chatrooms on AOL.. It took a little coaxing on my part to get him to accept such an overwhelming task.. After I explained to him that it was impossible to fuck the room up because Ole Faggy was as popular as a herpes canker at a gangbang he decided to accept the honor.. As I pass the torch and step down as founder, creator and heart and soul of the Maryland Love Fest room I would like to thank everyone who made it a TOTAL VICTORY for zombies everywhere.. ZOMBIES RULE, TEAM TOOTHLESS DROOLS !


2 Posts That Tell A Sad Sad Story

ChristopherK2: They never did figure out how we logged their private room and such, back when.
ChristopherK2: They kept insisting that you couldn't log a private room via the widget. HA!
Just incase anyone had a doubt.. Ole Faggy's still up to his orange teefs in drama..


The Z Files

What I'm about to post may be shocking.. Several months of deep undercover investigation have unearthed disturbing new revelations that will shed light into the question of WHO is behind a few less than believable characters.. The names.. uglymarylanders, mdcrabbngal, AAforpantry, ValtrexRose, Size22cindy all amazingly had the same password.. The initial FIND was made when someone typed mdcrabbngals name into google and was provided with a list of over 15,000 names and passwords used for hacking AOL accounts.. As crabs password was tried on other accounts it lead to the discovery that all those names were tied to the same person.. Those accounts were entered and evidence was collected and I have no question who the person is behind those names but I'm gonna leave it a mystery for now and allow people to speculate and draw conclusions based on the known facts as they become available.. You can conduct your own investigation using "blue22" as a starting point.. Let the threats of legal action begin !


Comparing Bonnie And Ole Faggy's Fiance

One sucks dick for Kools and one sucks dick for cleaning jobs.. ZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG..


Redslimes BIG Score !

Redslime braved the crowds for the opening of the new Wegman's store in frederick and managed to score a shopping cart full of Twinkies.. Here we see a picture of her nightly intake while chatting and commenting on blogs.. Justifying losers is hard work and Twinkie the kid is a great comfort.. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Once Again Zeeke Was 100% correct ..

Here we see photographic evidence that if Bonnie can't rant she rips her hair out in clumps.. Does welfare buy wigs ?


Theres A New Blog In Town..

Ask Zeeke readers will also want to check out this exciting new blog.. I'll keep the mystery blogger a secret so you'll have to go check it out for yourself..


ASK ZEEKE Scammed A Chatlog From The Old Room

Here it is folks. " fitman343: damn wheres everyone at ? " 2 hours of logging and that was the payoff... Ole Faggy should write a blog post explaining how to kill a chatroom..