Did You Hear What Zeeke Did ?

Of course being in the more popular Maryland room has its advantages (like words moving on a screen) but sometimes we get drivebys posting insane nonsense like this.. "bonnie is right you took her money zeek you lied you are the person who took her money and why do we sit apart at events you are the reason zeek you start all of this you ruin the room and events give her money back zeek be a man"... I have no earthly idea what that is about since Bonnie is on welfare and is totally broke 28 days a month.. Then 3 minutes later it returned and posted this gem.. "zeek you took a womens money after her husband past away your not a man your a jerk who sits online does nothing in life but steal from ppl you ruin the room just you zeek you live for chat zeek be a man get a job get a life zeek be a man"... Obviously someone has me confused with the Toothless Bob stealing Orbitys money ordeal.. Evidently when I bolt an asshat they run into the old room crying the blues and then the toothless wonders are assigning me the blame for awful shit they have done to people over the years.. CRAZY SHIT INDEED