End Of An Era..

A contest was held and Millions of Ask Zeeke readers texted " WE LOVE RON " to 5454 making him the clear winner.. Ask Zeeke readers made a wise choice.. I have no doubt Ron will maintain the same high quality chat standards that made the Maryland Love Fest room one of the most popular chatrooms on AOL.. It took a little coaxing on my part to get him to accept such an overwhelming task.. After I explained to him that it was impossible to fuck the room up because Ole Faggy was as popular as a herpes canker at a gangbang he decided to accept the honor.. As I pass the torch and step down as founder, creator and heart and soul of the Maryland Love Fest room I would like to thank everyone who made it a TOTAL VICTORY for zombies everywhere.. ZOMBIES RULE, TEAM TOOTHLESS DROOLS !