Guy Has Been Promoted To Ole Faggys Mouthpiece

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when i asked k2 who he missed at all from other room, he named you as one of few. fyi This is terrible.. Ole faggy has been humiliated so badly he cant even speak for himself anymore.. SHOCKING !



Listen up kids.. Since my new chat is doing so well I've decided to give some lucky aoler the chance to OWN the bolt in my new wildly popular room.. Simply send an email to bobgumsnuts@aol.com explaining how you will uphold my high standards of quality in selecting who is allowed in the room.. Team Toothless members need not apply !


Misplaced Anger

Once again Team Toothless is in an uproar and is conducting yet another DESTROY ZEEKE operation.. Although it's an added bonus that I have once again shamed and humiliated Team Toothless it really wasn't part of plan.. I created a silly little room to allow the free flow of thoughts and ideas without some cranky ole hypercritical gurlyman censoring our chat.. I didnt expect 95% of the old room to share my vision and follow to a better place.. Maybe its time the hapless rejects who stayed in the old room looked within themselves and ask what THEY have done to make this situation a cold dank slap in the face and stopped blaming Zeeke because they are stuck in a lonely hell they created for themselves .. I'm gone from the old room (by choice).. Isnt that what THEY wanted ?.. Since the new room has become such a hot button issue and has the potential to make toothless people off themselves. I'm going to open the comments section and allow unmoderated comments.. sidenote.. ( hypercritical is a real word and wasnt a mistake ) HAVE A HAPPY ZEEKE FILLED DAY !



Against all odds Zeeke has once again proven himself to be the most powerful force in the AOL chat universe.. I'M GOIN TO DISNEYLAND !


Guy Cant Deny being A Drama Queen Anymore

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Subj: Fwd: pics rose ashely h
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Subj: Fwd: pics rose ashely ham billy
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Subj: Fwd: pics rose ashely ham billy

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Subj: Fwd: pics rose ashely ham billy

rose in strip shirt, ham aka beth and zeek aka creepy

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Not sure if you ever seen these......Rose and Beth AKA Ham and your fav Zeekypo . The younger girl is Ashley ....rose daughter . Man with bread was another room reg that does not come in anymore .

rose has got some serious dunlop going on in the first picture...must be where her ass migrated too


Send In The Stooge

RUFFSTUFFROB69: semi works at XXX bank
RUFFSTUFFROB69: caught her arse good

RUFFSTUFFROB69: true friends do favers

Cindy32863: How do you know where Semi works?
OnlineHost: Takoma9270 has left the room.
RUFFSTUFFROB69: she looks like a hippy
MD41DIVM: fat girls have the nastiest cooters
RUFFSTUFFROB69: aint nuttin she can do public ifno
Cindy32863: How you know what she looks like?
RUFFSTUFFROB69: semi had a visiter
RUFFSTUFFROB69: good to have dia married to by bud
Cindy32863: what does Dia have to do with this?
There is is folks.. Toothless Bob admitting he send Diastooge to stalk Ann..


Another Scientific Fact About Zeeke Hate

After reviewing the latest data from my own scientific experiments I have concluded that ZEEKE HATE not only causes facial droop but if left unchecked it turns people into hideous creatures..


Weekend At Bonnies

Ask Zeeke has found photographic evidence that Bonnie Bin Laden is indeed dead and that her corpse is being used as a stage prop..


Ugly Is Genetic

Here we see a prime example of UGLY running in famlies.. Diabru and Chynqt share the UGLY gene...


May Is National Ignore Bonnie Month

Fellow Americans don't forget that May is National Ignore Bonnie month..