Send In The Stooge

RUFFSTUFFROB69: semi works at XXX bank
RUFFSTUFFROB69: caught her arse good

RUFFSTUFFROB69: true friends do favers

Cindy32863: How do you know where Semi works?
OnlineHost: Takoma9270 has left the room.
RUFFSTUFFROB69: she looks like a hippy
MD41DIVM: fat girls have the nastiest cooters
RUFFSTUFFROB69: aint nuttin she can do public ifno
Cindy32863: How you know what she looks like?
RUFFSTUFFROB69: semi had a visiter
RUFFSTUFFROB69: good to have dia married to by bud
Cindy32863: what does Dia have to do with this?
There is is folks.. Toothless Bob admitting he send Diastooge to stalk Ann..