Heppity Doo Daa

There we were having our usual friendly chat and the yellow menace appeared.. The name she used "CubeOfSweetness" is a known name because she uses it regularly to post links directing people to one of her 7000 Zeeke blogs.. I really don't understand how her demented Hep infected brain can twist HER invasions into evidence that WE are obsessed.. If SHE hadn't popped into OUR room her name wouldn't have been mentioned but as long as SHE was there everyone feels entitled to hurl a few insults at the sick bitch.. Seems fair.. Have a Heptacular day !


The Making Of A Reject

Team Toothless will soon have a new member.. Stay tuned to see who got VOTED OUT of the cool room..


A Perfect 10

Faggy's dive into AOHELL was textbook.. The judges had no choice but to award him a perfect score..


K2 Mikey and Auto.. The Saga Continues

The Geezers club is at war and the blood is flowing.. It was hilarious watching Mikey and Auto blast K2 in the Marylanders Over 35 room.. I'm guessing this will be the last walk on the beach for the Geritol Boyz..


Happy Valentines Day

As Toothless Bob would say.. Happy Valen-tymes Day... I LUV YOUZ GUYS, YOU KNOW I DO ..


Sonic Grand Opening..

The grand opening of A Sonic in Hagerstown is big news.. Ole faggy dug his poodle skirt out for the occasion..


Strange Beast Spotted In Western Maryland..

This creature appeared in my yard.. No idea what it is..


You Asked For It

A long time Ask Zeeke reader wanted to see the Gurlyman as Vickie Lawrence from the hit TV show Mama's Family.. Enjoy..


I Agree.. You Are Pathetic..

OnlineHost: Wildabeast6969 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Wildabeast6969 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Wildebeast6969 has entered the room.
Wildabeast6969: how pathetic
OnlineHost: Butterflybeme54 has entered the room.
OnlineHost: Wildabeast6969 has entered the room.
Wildabeast6969: look at the zombie campers
Wildabeast6969: loosersssss


His Head Fits Everywhere..

It's true.. Ask his colon.. Seriously though.. Ronnie and I have been laughing about this for months.. Stick Faggy's head on any picture and it becomes instantly funny.. Try it yourself and see..


Pig On A Zipline Replaced By Old Crossdresser On A Tricycle



Calling All Tards.. PLEASE SUPPORT MY ROOM !

Ole Faggy made the call.. No one answered..


Will Halethorpe Bonnie See Her Shadow ?

If Bonnie sees her shadow she will have 6 more weeks of welfare.