Misplaced Anger

Once again Team Toothless is in an uproar and is conducting yet another DESTROY ZEEKE operation.. Although it's an added bonus that I have once again shamed and humiliated Team Toothless it really wasn't part of plan.. I created a silly little room to allow the free flow of thoughts and ideas without some cranky ole hypercritical gurlyman censoring our chat.. I didnt expect 95% of the old room to share my vision and follow to a better place.. Maybe its time the hapless rejects who stayed in the old room looked within themselves and ask what THEY have done to make this situation a cold dank slap in the face and stopped blaming Zeeke because they are stuck in a lonely hell they created for themselves .. I'm gone from the old room (by choice).. Isnt that what THEY wanted ?.. Since the new room has become such a hot button issue and has the potential to make toothless people off themselves. I'm going to open the comments section and allow unmoderated comments.. sidenote.. ( hypercritical is a real word and wasnt a mistake ) HAVE A HAPPY ZEEKE FILLED DAY !