The Greatest Story Ever Told

One upon a time in a land far far away the blogosphere had become dull and uninteresting and a hero arrived to save the day..
His blogs were lighthearted and fun but the evil forces were offended and tried to destroy him..
A senile ole gurlyfag took the news of the new blogs popularity unusually hard and was hurled into deep depression and became even more delusional than before.. He gave up taking care of his flowers and made a costume out of his mothers old clothes and turned into.. Captain Nice..
Captain Nice wasnt really nice at all.. He tried to thwart the efforts of the new blogger at everyturn by leaving snide little comments and making fun of it.. well..our hero went dumpster diving and found a costume of his own and became.. SUPER FUN BLOGGER DUDE..
A battle raged and SUPER FUN BLOGGER DUDE won the war when he refused to change his blog style to suit what Captain Nice and his band of evil rejects thought blogs outta be thereby changing the blogworld forever.. The crowds cheered..
Captain Nice and his band of evil rejects were sent back to an empty chatroom to plan the next wave of attacks and the GOOD people were so happy they all chipped in and bought him a can of spam..