The Z Files

What I'm about to post may be shocking.. Several months of deep undercover investigation have unearthed disturbing new revelations that will shed light into the question of WHO is behind a few less than believable characters.. The names.. uglymarylanders, mdcrabbngal, AAforpantry, ValtrexRose, Size22cindy all amazingly had the same password.. The initial FIND was made when someone typed mdcrabbngals name into google and was provided with a list of over 15,000 names and passwords used for hacking AOL accounts.. As crabs password was tried on other accounts it lead to the discovery that all those names were tied to the same person.. Those accounts were entered and evidence was collected and I have no question who the person is behind those names but I'm gonna leave it a mystery for now and allow people to speculate and draw conclusions based on the known facts as they become available.. You can conduct your own investigation using "blue22" as a starting point.. Let the threats of legal action begin !