New Feature, A Book Of The Month Club

I've started a book of the month club and thought it was appropriate to get the ball rolling with a subject we all enjoy.. My first book of the month club features A book from the "For Dummies" series.. Nina Paul has written a Heptacular book which covers all aspects of living with the shame and guilt associated with contracting such a filthy and disgusting disease.. The chapter I found most interesting was the one that discussed brain fog and the rapidly deteriorating mental health of Hep C patients as cirrhosos eats away the liver (yes its there) and the resulting urge to lash out at the world.. Every dummy who has contracted Hep C should rush out and buy this book today.. I see a huge market in the Halethorpe/Landsdowne area which seems to be a hotbed for the disease especially among the homeless population around 5th Avenue.. HAVE A HEPPY DAY !