Last Week In Zeeke News

Today's top story.. Team Toothless is still reeling from the loss of the old gurlyfag from its ranks.. It's gonna be hard for them to replace someone who was that willing to totally incinerate themselves and self destruct over Zeeke hate in a few short months like the old gurlyfag did.. WOWZERS, I must say it will go down as one of the greatest flameouts in AOL history.. The flamer flamed out, Priceless.. In other top stories.. Nothing more was said about that poor innocent woman who was unlucky enough to get my old PO box so hopefully she's still alive.. I'm really not sure how the braintrust arrived at the conclusion my name was really Anita but I gave up trying to understand my crazed stalkers years ago however, It is pretty funny to imagine a carload of crazed glue sniffing halfwits riding on some poor innocent woman and showing up at her home prepared to exact revenge on Zeeke and being shot and killed for trespassing.. One thing they should keep in mind is that in rural Maryland, Houses likely contain more firearms than television sets so they might wanna just stick to harmless things blogging, google searching family members of people they don't like or creating fake names and divebombing chatrooms.. In other Zeeke news.. It was reported that I have Herpes, If I was going to pic an STD to have I would go with Herpes because it seems a lot less fatal than other STD's like lets say, HEP C.. A few canker flareups a year seem a lot less horrible than rotting from the inside out and dying a slow painful death from liver failure within a few years.. I was reading about Hep C and it was reported that Hep C eats holes in the brain like Syphillis causing the person to go insane.. We all see proof of that HEPPENING every day..(cough cough).. In other late breaking Zeeke news, After knowing my son personally for all 12 years of his life I just found out he was retarded..It must be true because I read it posted in a chatroom by one of my stalkers.. I guess I should call his baseball coach and have him pulled from the lineup then call the school and have him yanked from the school band and removed from the honor role and take away all his toys like 4 wheelers and minibikes, airsoft guns and his potato cannon.. I'll Take away all his archery equipment, swords and firearms and just turn him over to the State like the Toothless Trucker Blowhard Bob did to his kid and turn my back and walk away like it never happened.. I wonder if Fat Beckie or anyone of the dozen or so people from the room who have actually seen him in person noticed he was retarded when they met him ? I'll ask around and see what they think.. Anyway.. Let me wrap this up because I need to take my retarded son to Cal Ripkens baseball camp then go about my day and please remember.. ZEEKE HATE RUINS LIVES !