Another Great Victory !

I would like to thank all the "nice" people (chuckle,chuckle) who voted down the politics of division and intolerance and allowed OUR room to reach its maximum number of 36 chatters.. You had a choice and made a bold statement to the former room owners and hopefully the next boltholder will continue my simple formula for success.. Which is essentially doing nothing and allowing the room to police itself and keeping Bonnie out.. The day Boo got the bolt she had nothing but good intentions but somewhere along the way she started listening to morons with agenda's who led her to believe she could impose her will and reinvent a stable chatroom that had been thriving for over a decade.. I don't blame Boo, She got really bad advice from really stupid people who had her convinced she was doing the right thing.. By the time Beckie got the bolt the room was already a shell of it's former self and she pushed it deeper into the shitter until it became an angry bitter place with no personality or charm.. When you entered the room it felt like visiting that old creepy aunt who's house smelled like mothballs, You really didn't wanna be there but you kinda went anyway.. Beckie said numerous times that she was trying to destroy the room and the only reason she had the bolt was too piss people off.. Why on earth would anyone devote valuable life moments to a room dedicated to that philosophy ? I watched in disbelief as the room was destroyed and realized that someday I could get the bolt and restore the room to it's former glory.. I was expecting a long hard road to recovery but it turns out it only took 3 or 4 days.. After 4 months of hatespew and censorship people were hungry for decent chat that wasn't A sheeple orgy of Zeeke hate and stupidity.. I can only hope valuable lessons were learned from the mistakes Boo and Beckie made and that the the bolt in OUR room and the good folks in it will never be used and abused in that fashion ever again.. With all that being said I would like to add one final heartfelt thought to everyone who participated in destroying OUR room.. HAHAHAHAHAHAA YOU STUPID PATHETIC LOSERS.. GOOGLE THE WORD HUMILIATION AND SEE HOW IT APPLIES TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU TOXIC ASSHOLES THEN EAT SHIT AND DIE ! ZEEKE WINS AGAIN !