Final Chapter, The Bolting Of Bonnie

ButterflyBeMe54: Good afternoon Bonnie
TheMarvelousToy1: hi Butter
Redheadedjezabel: Hellooooooooooooooooooooo Bonnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
TheMarvelousToy1: I closed my blog but, sent out invites to most of you
TheMarvelousToy1: hi red
TheMarvelousToy1: at least that i could remember the screen names
ButterflyBeMe54: My invite expires on 6/24 so Im good till then Bonnie
TheMarvelousToy1: and butter, I saw when you were in the room yesterday
ButterflyBeMe54: yeah I went in just to see
TheMarvelousToy1: and saw perky attacking you as well
ButterflyBeMe54: and I got attacked
ButterflyBeMe54: oh yeah and you noticed I didn't attack them back I just laughed at them
TheMarvelousToy1: soooooooooooo, I thought she felt left out so, I blogged her
ButterflyBeMe54: ahhhhhhh
ButterflyBeMe54: yeah Im a crippled bitch lol
ButterflyBeMe54: I should have called Ronnie a drunken sot but I was nice
TheMarvelousToy1: I didnt see that, must have been before i got here
ButterflyBeMe54: See so much for a "nice" ROOM
ButterflyBeMe54: changing their ways my ass
TheMarvelousToy1: yeah well according to what I read a few days ago on the widget, I think ronnie and afew others are starting to see how immature billy really is
ButterflyBeMe54: exactly
ButterflyBeMe54: well Ronnie isn't far behind him on being immature
ButterflyBeMe54: that's sad when you have to depend on alcohol to get you through the day you know???
RUFFSTUFFROB69: hiya bonnie
TheMarvelousToy1: you know, as hard as it is, I think we all should let them go and, just wach it all come crashing down around them
TheMarvelousToy1: hi Bob
ButterflyBeMe54: oh you're right about that believe me it is gonna crash
ButterflyBeMe54: that's why I didn't argue with them yesterday and I just laughed
TheMarvelousToy1: yeah but, its hard not to point and laugh
ButterflyBeMe54: cause it was silly
ButterflyBeMe54: I've lived for 55 years without them before and I can live without them now
RUFFSTUFFROB69: bonnie a friend told me that they are like that cause this is all the life they have and they don t want us in it
TheMarvelousToy1: I liked yesterday and got a really big laugh out of it
ButterflyBeMe54: exactly Rob
RUFFSTUFFROB69: having a aol life is it
ButterflyBeMe54: what happened Bonnie?
RUFFSTUFFROB69: thats all they have
ButterflyBeMe54: what did I miss I did a lot of running yesterday
TheMarvelousToy1: well bob, I already knew that
TheMarvelousToy1: but I had to really laugh last night
RUFFSTUFFROB69: bonnie i have a suprise soon
ButterflyBeMe54: yeah I can't wait for the surprise
Sylvar Firestorm left the room | 12:47
aintthebeercold entered the room | 12:47
TheMarvelousToy1: billy, he is most likely sleep deprived from this bolt bullshit, was talling shirley that he could pass her the bolt
aintthebeercold: hi deb
TheMarvelousToy1: anmd by bolting a few, would make her feel better
ButterflyBeMe54: hi Alan mmmuuuaaahhh
aintthebeercold: how are ya
TheMarvelousToy1: she told him it was too much trouble
ButterflyBeMe54: im doing great how about you???
RUFFSTUFFROB69: shirleys a fkn ;loser too
aintthebeercold: exhausted
aintthebeercold: but otherwise ok
ButterflyBeMe54: lolol now if that isn't sad Bonnie
TheMarvelousToy1: then she went on to tell him that, there were only 4 people in here
RUFFSTUFFROB69: she was crying how even her hubby disliked her
ButterflyBeMe54: well this is your weekend woohoo
aintthebeercold: yup
TheMarvelousToy1: and I was not in here and no one as talking
aintthebeercold: thank god
RUFFSTUFFROB69: i don t care
RUFFSTUFFROB69: i showed what i do
TheMarvelousToy1: so someone asked him, does it really matter?
TheMarvelousToy1: and billy says yes
ButterflyBeMe54: well you know they use to make fun of me saying if something hurt on me and look at all the damn stuff she saying in the room all the time about all of her aches and pains
TheMarvelousToy1: then she asked him, why
RUFFSTUFFROB69: and they can t have what i have
ButterflyBeMe54: well what I have is all mine and it is paid for
TheMarvelousToy1: and he says for 4 months they ahve been sitting in here making me out to be a devil
RUFFSTUFFROB69: once a loser always a loser
TheMarvelousToy1: hahahahahahaha
aintthebeercold: so true ruff
ButterflyBeMe54: see Bonnie Billy was gotten too lol
ButterflyBeMe54: lmao
ButterflyBeMe54: he is the devil
TheMarvelousToy1: he has the nerve to cry about that after sitting in that chat room for 8 years doing that same thing to me???
RUFFSTUFFROB69: and rose blogged the ice road trucker as my lover
aintthebeercold: who is the devil
ButterflyBeMe54: look at all the vile stuff he has said to people that he doesn't know
TheMarvelousToy1: he is getting what he gave
RUFFSTUFFROB69: just shows how stupid and desperate they are
ButterflyBeMe54: Billy is Alan
ButterflyBeMe54: exactly Bonnie and it dont go down so good to billy
TheMarvelousToy1: big wissuies ass cybaby
ButterflyBeMe54: well they were the ones that left the room to make another room
ButterflyBeMe54: so now they have their baby room back awww their iddy biddy woom awwww
ButterflyBeMe54: so let them have it who cares
RUFFSTUFFROB69: i ll be out with the celebs again in aug
TheMarvelousToy1: oh i couldnt care less about that
ButterflyBeMe54: there are always other chatrooms to go to and talk
TheMarvelousToy1 left the room | 12:51
ChristopherK2: Anyone else?
aintthebeercold: why did you bolt her
RUFFSTUFFROB69: can i get a scotch on the rocks
ChristopherK2: She had been warned... NO drama, means NO drama.
ButterflyBeMe54: a fuzzie navel would be nice
RUFFSTUFFROB69: whats drama
RUFFSTUFFROB69: hiya chris
aintthebeercold left the room | 12:52
ButterflyBeMe54: well that stopped the room
ButterflyBeMe54: hi Christopher

See.. The old gurlyfag agrees with everything I've been saying, Bonnie is toxic and must be removed for the good of the room.. Although.. It seems to me Butter was more guilty of causing drama than Bonnie and should have been removed as well..