Let's Set The Record Straight

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From: ChristopherK2@aol.com
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 06:40:38 EDT
Subject: New room for "nice" Marylanders
To: ChristopherK2@aol.com

Last night, Beckie (Sylvar Firestorm) lost the bolt for the Marylanders Over 35 room, and PprmntPatti63 picked it up. Then early this morning, Patti turned it over to the SSR people.

Several long-time room regulars have already been banned from the Over 35 room, including me. So I started a new room...

Romance - Marylanders NO Drama

As indicated, I will keep the room as drama free as possible. If interested, please check it out...


Christopher..... Once again Frooty the limpwristed swami has it all wrong.. Patti didn't turn anything over to the SSR people.. Patti didn't want the drama and headaches associated with babysitting a buncha children so she closed the room and threw the bolt up for grabs, Anyone could have gotten it.. In fact, The old gurlyfag clicked in less than a second after I did so the implication that she "turned" the bolt over to anyone is utterly retarded but its expected because facts don't seem important in his sad little world anymore.. Patti had nothing but good intentions in giving up the bolt and for anyone to say otherwise is false.. Does the old gurlyfag believe anyone would be outraged because several long-time roomies were bolted after the death blow Beckie dealt that room ? Be serious old man.. Mikey, Hooters, Ronnie and a host of other long-time roomies were bolted out of that room and no one seemed outraged so why would anyone be outraged because YOU were ousted ? You honestly deserved to be gone after the ammount of drama and division you've injected into that room over the last 4 months so put on the big girl pants and deal with being bolted, YOU EARNED IT ! .. It's a new day and it's EVERYONE'S room again and not a platform for a select few socially crippled misfits to spew hate, shamelessly promote blogs and demonize anyone who doesn't follow in the belief that Zeeke is the devil incarnate..