Brandine Wilson's Out Of The Closet ( finally )

After years of hiding behind religion Brandine Wilson is finally out of the closet.. It ends years of speculation and coverups and allows him/her to live the lifestyle he was born to pursue.. The poor BASTARD had no chance in life as a man.. A psychotic mother and a very unstable section 8 upbringing with no father around was more than enough reason for him to decide living life as a woman would better suit his needs.. Years of seeing homeless men abuse his mothers mouth for Kools planted the seed in his mind that being a little cocksucker was his destiny.. Now that he's out of the closet he can quit his job as a custodian at his church because he doesnt have to sneak around and lick toilets searching for a stain that might be manly body fluid.. Sure he will still enjoy the gloryhole he operates at the gas station but now Braidine can approach it with a renewed vigor and exitement.. You Go forward in life brandine and be the best cocksucking little BASTARD you can possibly be ..