First Day of Research Uncovered The Horror's of Zeeke Hate Causing Severe Facial Deformity

The results of my super scientific study linking Zeeke hate and severe facial deformity are in and I am ready offer the following hypothesis.. Zeeke hate does indeed cause severe facial droop.. In Fact.. This subject has suffered severe facial droop on both sides of her face as well as jowl and neck bloating which suggests the disease may be even more destructive than earlier anticipated.. My heart goes out to those suffering from this horrible Zeeke related facial deformity and as a gesture of good faith I will offer free rolls of scotch tape so sufferers can tape that shit back up and partially restore the deformed facial features to A pre-Zeeke hate condition.. I'm sorry but the tape will only repair the droop, It wont fix chronic ugly or the mental retardation associated with the test subjects but it may stop small children from running away from them in shopping malls screaming.. "Mommy, I just SEEN a monster" and allow them to lead semi-normal lives as delusional internet buttdarts..