Health Risks Associated With Zeeke Hate

What do you see in those 2 pictures ? No.. I mean aside from 2 ugly old beatdown homosexual men.. Look at the left half of each face and compare it to the right.. Zeeke hate has caused both individuals severe left side facial droop.. It's been well documented that Zeeke Hate causes mental illness and retardation but it appears there may be physical consequences of it as well.. I suspect anger and hate manifested itself into a sudden rise in blood pressure causing severe eye twitching leading to a series of mini strokes and finally to left side facial paralysis.. The damage is so severe on the old gurlyfag's face that within a year his eye will be at the corner of his mouth and he wont be able to drink without getting his shirt wet from dribbling.. As A public service I will be contacting A medical research facility and have the disease studied and documented in the near future.. I will suggest the name "Zeekehateitis" and offer any assistance I can to study this funny yet severe self inflicted disease..