Zeeke Announces A New Blog

I'm creating a Trucker's blog.. It will be a paysite and contain tips on childcare, Cooking, helpful gardening advice and random pieces written by illiterate stooges.. I don't have a name yet but I promise it will be out by Memorial day 2010.. OK.. I lied.. That's the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard in my life.. Why on earth would truckers care about any of that shit ? A truckers life consists of hours of mind numbing boredom broken up by thinking they may have caught a glimpse of a boob while being passed by a female motorist at 80 MPH and chucking piss filled plastic bottles out of windows at highway speed.. Only a total dimwit like Toothless Bob would be stupid enough to imagine slimeball truckers would actually pay good money to read that senseless crap.. Sometimes the sheer magnitude of Bob's stupidity boggles the mind..