Ughhh... They Didn't Listen..

Blogging is a lot like entering the special olympics, Even if you win you are still a tard.. With that being said.. I dont understand why the other blogtards are making things so complicated to read a blog.. Redirection, Passwords, ISP trackers, Virus', special invitations.. God only knows what you will get when you click the links.. If I take 5 minutes of my day to post a few words the object is for people to read it and laugh without hassles or headaches and not frustrate readers because I need to feed my ego and know who was peeking.. No blog is worth the risk of damaging a computer yet they make it seem like its a real possibility.. I know for a fact the other blogs lost followers when it was discovered that ISP's were being tracked and they lost even more readers dicking people around with invitation's and passwords.. When I post on Ask Zeeke part of the humor is knowing the dumbasses I write about will read it and be offended.. If I made it selective it wouldn't reach nearly as many people so what's the point ? You may be asking yourself why I added a picture of Toothless Bob to this post and the answer is simple.. It's a hideous picture that I'm sure he doesnt want people to see and when Bob see's it he will swallow his false teeth and call everyone in his phone directory.. If I made Ask Zeeke private he wouldn't even know the picture was posted but since I welcome all readers without the fear of invading anyones privacy, getting a virus or wondering what hoops they have to jump thru today to view the blog.. I know he will see it and be pooping false teeth by noon..