Toofless Trucker Maff

I read lots of really dumb posts but this gem sticks out like Ron Jeremy at Lillith Fair.. "Maryland, Delaware and the 46 other states".. Let me Jethro Bodine cypher this out.. 46 plus 1 is 47 plus 1 is 48.. Somehow I can't make this add up to 50.. I entered it into Ask Zeeke's massive supercomputer and the answer is 48 with a 9999.99% degree of error.. This cant be right.. I asked Butter and she pawed the ground 50 times with a hoof so she knew the answer was 50.. Then I found a 4 year old kid and asked how many states were in the United States of America and her answer was 50.. How can this be ? I will exhaust every resource at my disposal until I can work this perplexing mathematic mystery.. Until this is figured out I have to insist TOOFLESS BOB suspend all activites requiring the use of his brain.. That shouldn't be a really big issue since he never uses it anyway..