Nice Room ? HA !

Tonight I watched in disbelief as the fat toothless trucker stated he hoped one of our brave American Servicemen (Mikeys son) would come home in a bodybag.. Later that night when it was mentioned again, Fat Becki and Whore Maddy defended his words by saying.. "our kids were blogged as well".. I'm 100% sure Mikey doesn't have a blog and unrelated words somewhere in someones blog cannot become everyones excuse for everything.. Nothing excuses wishing an American Serviceman dead.. EVER !.. This is the second time I've seen it happen in that room and it didn't make it less repulsive or unamerican.. Hepzilla wished Mikey's son dead last year and got slammed for it.. HepZilla and Fatboy Bob should both be ashamed to stand on soil earned by the blood and courage of american soldiers after making such treasonous statements.. This all comes on the heels of a delusional movement proclaiming one room is nice, the other room is evil.. I'm sorry but if anyone posted such Anti-American propaganda in my room they would be dismissed instantly and never allowed back.. Commie Bastards !