A Great Reader Question

Good Morning Zeeke,

I received this IM this morning. My question to you, is this behavior and obsession with fonts normal behavior? I know you have many years of experience with this sort of thing. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I may be being a little to harsh, but I do believe this individual may need INTERVENTION.....

Thank you in advance for your time.....


Takoma9270 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
Takoma9270: it was a blast seeing you all get blasted, Woot ask me if I wanted the room, I told him no it was too much work so he let it go
Takoma9270: lmao
Takoma9270: he made Md room history it was soooo funny
Perkyonex2: I think everyone left

Perkyonex2: he was in there alone most of the time
Perkyonex2: THAT was the funny part
Takoma9270: yeah he said it was too much work
Perkyonex2: yeah...it was hard to manage..with just him in there
Takoma9270: yeah my puter timed out about 6 am so he was there by himself
Takoma9270: I fixed mine not to time out but when I went back in alen ad it he told me he had to much to do and he didn't want to work with it...
Takoma9270: I told him thats what happen to me..toooo much work
Perkyonex2: zeeke said...don't buy cheap acer junk and your pc wouldn't time out
Perkyonex2: ham infiltrated your pc..causing all that commotion
Takoma9270: I told him I don't have a acer..I took it back there cheap
Takoma9270: I have a HP G60-440
Takoma9270: this is a good puter I just had to reset the timer on it
Takoma9270: Zeek believes to much BS
Takoma9270: he makes me laugh all the time
Takoma9270: we had a new widget we were watching you the whole time
Perkyonex2: ummm....don't you think we all knew you were watching
Takoma9270: yes...we wanted you too
Takoma9270: we know you were going to spend alot of time bashing us and we thought it was funny
Takoma9270: yea it made my day
Perkyonex2: well...I'll Be

Perkyonex2: would take a hell of alot more than what goes on in this chatroom to make my day

Takoma9270: but I told everyone they will zap all of us now..there not taking any prisoners
Takoma9270: lol
Takoma9270: were all traitors in your eyes
Takoma9270: and we knew it
Takoma9270: I told them this is not the worse thing that can happen it our lives
Takoma9270: it just chat room BS
Takoma9270: you will lose the bolt again
Perkyonex2: Is it true that you are dating Wellhung?
Takoma9270: what!..thats funny, I told you Perky I live with a lady I've been going with for 3 years
Takoma9270: and who is Wellhung?
Perkyonex2: I keep seeing it said....that you are dating him
Perkyonex2: I take everything that is said in a chatroom as the gospel
Takoma9270: he's a him ok I see the joke
Takoma9270: yea I C that
Takoma9270: Zeek does also
Takoma9270: thats why I lied all the time to him and Ham..kept them busy keeping up with my stories and drove Zeek crazy...lol..I loved it
Takoma9270: I loved fking with him he was tooo easy
Perkyonex2: if you live with this chick....why are you always on here
Takoma9270: not always
Perkyonex2: most of the time
Takoma9270: well during the day I have alot of time since I'm a fleet manager cause I'm out all the time
Takoma9270: three nights a week she works later hours so I have alot of free time to terrorize the room
Takoma9270: this was just a place to vent thats also
Takoma9270: never went will never date anyone in AOL learned from the past can't trust them
Perkyonex2: oh
Takoma9270: one lady here got mad cuse I wouldn't go out with her so she turned on me
Takoma9270: she was against you guys, I always say once a turn coat always a turn coat
Takoma9270: oh by the way I copied this so in case it is altered
Perkyonex2: ok
Takoma9270: yes I'm watching you now
Takoma9270: it's ok
Perkyonex2: thats fine
Perkyonex2: I knew that
Takoma9270: lmao Zeek is soooo funny
Takoma9270: I never had sooooo much fun watching everyone get blasted
Perkyonex2: I must've missed the part where everyone got blasted
Takoma9270: yeah I guess you did since Pantry was the first to go
Takoma9270: lmao
Perkyonex2: yeah..I work during the day
Takoma9270: good for you, you might have been next..lol
Perkyonex2: yeah....well...nothing I would've committed suicide over or anything

Takoma9270: yea I know not that important..lol
Perkyonex2: oh
Takoma9270: Woot made history here..lmao..but the kicker would have been Zeek getting zapped..maybe next time
Takoma9270: lmao
Takoma9270: tell Zeekpee I will be back............. No.. its not normal bahavior.. Obviously Zeeke controls his every thought and action.. Takoma needs serious mental help.. I wish him well..