Lets meet An AOLER

In todays busy world we rarely get to know folks we encounter online, Its a shame.. So from time to time I will profile a few individuals who dont mind basking in the limelight.. Lets meet.. Kylen A Johnson.. Aka MENSASOS, Aka kelli, Aka kat.. Shes a 38 year old woman from Clarksburg Maryland who works for an Internet tehnology firm in Gaithersburg and also volunteers her time as a regional director of a missing persons network.. In 2006 she was a governors appointee on a maryland missing persons task force.. Aside from the brief stint in rehab for alcoholism Kylen's life has been dedicated to helping others.. In fact.. Shes so giving she gave a man named Dennis A nasty crotch fungus.. She's so giving she even voluntered her face so another woman could do knuckle excersises on it at Clarks.. Its a pity such a wonderful human being has walked among us in obscurity for so many years.. If you are ever in Clarksburg stop in at 12630 Piedmont Trail rd and say hello to Kylen and show her exactly how much you appreciate her lifes work.. If you have a special Kylen story you would like to share feel free to leave it in the comments section.. Kudos to you Kylen, You SIZZLE !