More Takoma Rantings

GodLvsTakoma: they are a bunch of idiots
chyspenisnose: I know, right? Where's the biggest idiot- Takoma? Isn't he king of the Tards?
GodLvsTakoma is online.
GodLvsTakoma: Perky was meeting a new guy the other day and he stood her up
chyspenisnose: and?
GodLvsTakoma: Takoma is the smartest one in the room
chyspenisnose: LOL Like hell he is
chyspenisnose: that was funny though
GodLvsTakoma: Zeek is the real idiot
chyspenisnose: I disagree
chyspenisnose: I think it's Takoma
GodLvsTakoma: oh your another zeek wannabe..loltooofunnyy
chyspenisnose: I don't know Zeeke
chyspenisnose: but I know Takoma is a retard
GodLvsTakoma: yes you do
chyspenisnose: No I don't
chyspenisnose: i don't really know anyone in here
GodLvsTakoma: takoma got everyones number even yours..lol
chyspenisnose: I've seen Takoma chat. He sounds like an angry spitting special olympics loser
chyspenisnose: I'm pretty sure he shoves waffles in his ass
GodLvsTakoma: lol..naaa he has a good job and a wonderful life..he hates loser
chyspenisnose: If he hates losers then why does he hang in the chat?
GodLvsTakoma: naaa I'm sure you are a zeek wannabe
chyspenisnose: I'm pretty sure youre obsessed with this Zeeke fella
chyspenisnose: Did he not wipe your ass when he was done?
GodLvsTakoma: he doesn't hang in that chat..and why are you in the chat
chyspenisnose: I'm here for the bagels
GodLvsTakoma: lo..good one..is that all you got..azzwipe
chyspenisnose: I got plenty!
GodLvsTakoma: join the rest of them and leave them alone..azzwipe
chyspenisnose: Did you im me to talk about Zeek?
chyspenisnose: join them then leave them alone? that doesnt make sense
chyspenisnose: are you schizo?
GodLvsTakoma: lol...good luck azzwipe
GodLvsTakoma is offline and may receive your IMs when signing back in.