Bonnie reaches a new high in STUPID !

Anonymous said...
For a man that is supposed to work and have a life, you sure do seem to have an awful lot of time to sit on line and harass and insult others, create blogs and websites to further harass these members! I saw someone make the remark to Bonnie last night that, you were supposed to work with people like her everyday.........WHEN? You are always here on line in a chatroom creating more problems for people. Is it that you are trying to drum up business?

Well, whatever your problem is, I have advised Bonnie that she must be a very special person to have so many people obsessed, intimidated and jealous of her.

She sat in my office as we went over the logs that she presented to me and, she laughed and cried tears about all of it. Then we spoke about the threats that were made to her and, the ones she just made to you and, how you must have felt the way she did when she made that threat. She really got a kick out of that.

You really need to rethink your position in this because, there is nothing to be gained or, lost. So, my advice to you is, to grow up and find some other kind of entertainment for yourself


Thomas J. Mueller, Esq.
my only reply is.. What a retard !