Breaking News, Bonnie Admitted To Being A Whore

TangibleRose said...
WoW....Bonnie did you just admmit you had a threesome and got knocked up? Who's the skank here, you are worse than a skank. Imagine fucking without protection....two men, and get knocked up.....then have to get blood tests which cleared the one guy.........and the other one came off his high and ran out of state out of embarrassment........
Before you trash other roomies children, check your own self out and the mess you have created in that section 8 bldg that everyone else pays for.
I knew who my daughter's father was and I surely wasn't out there having threesomes, let alone with out protection and getting knocked up. See the difference there?
It is a big difference. At least I wasn't accusing one man of being the daddy and all the time knowing I was banging an ex and he could be too.......see the difference there?

March 24, 2010