So, Anyway..

I would like to thank everyone for making the Super Secret Room an overwhelming success.. I wish I could take all the credit for its popularity but that would be greatly overstating my importance.. I've never been foolish enough to delude myself into thinking the secret room was about Zeeke, I've always thought the success of the secret room was a vote against the way the old room was being held hostage and the double standards and favoritism that existed..(of course it helps OUR cause that the people left in the old room are geezers, weenies, whiners, halfwits and pathetic losers) So let them have The Bonnies, The Takomas, The Dicksniffers, The Elderly, The Zeeke Haters, Team Toothless, The Bots and The Trolls and laugh because we have created a better place to totally waste our time and make fun of dumbasses..