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I can picture the Hep C infected dickwhore sitting there alone in the dark wearing a tinfoil cap, chainsmoking Kools and crying her eyes out.. Sunnie was right on target when she stated that Bonnie was a "deeply disturbed" woman..
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This is Bonnie and, I say Rose, you and Billy must... This is Bonnie and, I say Rose, you and Billy must have the same prblem, you cant see what you do yourselves, only what others do which, is the same thing you both do!

Rose says: "How can someone who did a friend wrong try and turn it around and five years later they are still obsessed with that ex friend who hasn't given them a second thought?" I am wondering, what is it you exactly see when you type in that chatroom?.. Can you not read your own writing? I mean no matter who comes in there, you are accusing them of being one of the haters from the cops room or, becki or, angie or, whoever.......You yourself is the one who is obsessed with everyone that does not like you which, includes me!!

Now for Billy........First off, you are dillusional about my 27 blogs and, as far as the creators of the "hate" blogs, I wonder if your twin, Rose has read that you listed her blog first among the hate blogs??? That would mean that you disagree with her creating said blog, right?

Moving on..Hatefulness........this is something you have done for years and years in a chatroom. As I remember you saying, you do it to piss people off, you think it is funny to piss people off. I too assume that you love hurting them too. That was proven when your 2 domestic violence charges were made public. Even without the domestic violence charge, it was clear that I was the object of your hate and that you enjoyed hurting me.

So I did what I could and I hunted your ass down, that is why all of your business, that i could find is out there now. At first, I thought it would make you stop or, possibly run but, it only made you worse. But I am not sorry that I posted any of it and, would do it again if I needed to. You know why?...Cause you are just a little gnat on my computer screen and that is all you ever wil be to me! You words however, are another matter.

Now, as for this letter, lol. I seem to remember that one of your followers who has 2 lips, one planted on your ass and the other planted on Roses, sent a similar letter to most of the Rose haters back a year or, so ago. and writing a letter to the haters from herself saying that she was backing out of the drama because, she was being stuck in the middle and it was effecting her health in a negative way and, not 10 minutes after she wrote that letter, she was right back in a chatroom running off with her mouth and starting the drama!

Well right now the way it is, is the way I hope it will stay for a long while because, it is so great to get in there and chat without the fear of being ridiclued and/or, badgered by someone who I hate so much and billy, I honestly truely without a doubt hate you!

You all deserve one another and this is the way it should be......all my haters in one room and, those who like or, can tolerate me, in the marylanders room.......
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