Well.. This Was pretty Funny..

The Hep C infected halfwit has made some truly insane statements over the years but her recent posts rank right up there among the top 2 million craziest things the insane dickwhore ever typed in a chatroom... First she stated she wanted me dead, That eventually expanded into "I want his ashes in an urn on my TV" and after her liver poison pump kicked in and threw her into a full blown Hep C viral meltdown she posted that she wanted to KILL ME AND SMOKE MY ASHES.. KILL ME AND SMOKE MY ASHES ? I'm not sure why she feels entitled to have my ashes.. Since its all spelled out clearly in my will how to dispose of them.. I guess if she felt like wading in the Atlantic ocean with a homemade cheesecloth net wildly stabbing the water one week after my death at sunset as they are spreading my cremains she could score a few bonghits of primo Zeeke ash.. Its highly unlikely my family and friends will deny my final wishes and place my ashes in a self storage locker and default on the unit like the toothless trucker did his father's cremains so whatever dreams the crazy bitch has for my ashes are best forgotten.. Stick to more obtainable fantasies like shaving your head and mailing me your hair.. Zeeke hate is a sickness !